Friday, December 30


I was at an intersection of my traveling life the past year. Other personal obligations put a limit to my traveling horizon. But I was still able to explore new places nonetheless. Indeed, God will always have something for you even if you began doubting things.

Several escapades were invites I couldn't turn down. I have seen myself give honor to our war heroes in Bataan, explored Marinduque and fell in love with Capiz
Need to revisit Marinduque!
Bataan is more than meets the eye.
And Roxas City beckons omce more.

I also had a number of staycations while Boracay has become a yearly staple that I feel I will never get tired of.

I have fewer travels but my friendships developed into something more deep. Something more meaningful. Something more beautiful. And I couldn't be any more grateful. 

There were months that I literally stayed at home and began counting the days when the year actually ends. I felt sad but serious thinking afterwards made me feel so pathetic towards myself. I realized that success doesn't really come how far you've gone or how often you've wandered. It is how you stay happy and content with what you have achieved. I felt a bit ashamed and quickly asked the heavens for forgiveness.

But nothing but positivity makes me look forward to 2017. A closer relationship with God and family. Securing and nurturing the few true friendships that I have. Loving them wholeheartedly and unselfishly. 
With my closest friends at San Rafael River Adventure

For all those who are able to travel, remember that you are able to influence others in a way you never knew possible. The appreciation may not always be manifested the way you want it to be, but always think, and always strive to have the right impact towards others, the environment and most of all, to yourself.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Love the reminders you said here for fellow travelers. To keep such relationship with your family and friends is really a gift and something to ponder about. Happy new year! Have a blessed 2017 😊

    1. Thanks Joanna for the nice comment! Yes, family should always be a priority.

  2. Awwww.. tama yan, cherish the good people in your life, and leave the bad/toxic ones behind.. all we need in this bright, new year is nothing but positive vibes =P

  3. Despite the struggles that you had to deal with in 2016, know that you will have greater opportunities this 2017. We'll always have your back. :) Here's to more travels and memories on the road.. and to finding love! :P

    1. Thanks Mai! I'm so grateful I met you all - you, Jherson, Claire, Rem and Marx. :D


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