Friday, December 30


I was at an intersection of my traveling life the past year. Other personal obligations put a limit to my traveling horizon. But I was still able to explore new places nonetheless. Indeed, God will always have something for you even if you began doubting things.

Several escapades were invites I couldn't turn down. I have seen myself give honor to our war heroes in Bataan, explored Marinduque and fell in love with Capiz
Need to revisit Marinduque!
Bataan is more than meets the eye.
And Roxas City beckons omce more.

I also had a number of staycations while Boracay has become a yearly staple that I feel I will never get tired of.

I have fewer travels but my friendships developed into something more deep. Something more meaningful. Something more beautiful. And I couldn't be any more grateful. 

There were months that I literally stayed at home and began counting the days when the year actually ends. I felt sad but serious thinking afterwards made me feel so pathetic towards myself. I realized that success doesn't really come how far you've gone or how often you've wandered. It is how you stay happy and content with what you have achieved. I felt a bit ashamed and quickly asked the heavens for forgiveness.

But nothing but positivity makes me look forward to 2017. A closer relationship with God and family. Securing and nurturing the few true friendships that I have. Loving them wholeheartedly and unselfishly. 
With my closest friends at San Rafael River Adventure

For all those who are able to travel, remember that you are able to influence others in a way you never knew possible. The appreciation may not always be manifested the way you want it to be, but always think, and always strive to have the right impact towards others, the environment and most of all, to yourself.

Happy New Year!


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Monday, December 26

Endless Lazing at Isla de Boracay

I think I haven't missed visiting Boracay, sans one year, since 2008. I don't know why I keep on going back. I know there are better beaches hidden all over the Philippines but I guess White Beach's allure is the answer or some Boracay mystery I haven't discovered yet.

My friend Chie and I spent three nights in this paradise. Aside from transforming into a mermaid and after my solo, three-day visit to Roxas City and the town of Kalibo, I haven't done much.

I became a pink mermaid this time! :)

Monday, December 19

Pamper Time at San Rafael River Adventure

Who would've known that a place like this exists in nearby San Rafael, Bulacan? Relatively new at two years, San Rafael River Adventure perfectly combines a soothing stay with adventurous activities which I and some of my friends enjoyed to the fullest when we stayed here for two nights one November weekend. 
We were supposed to arrive early Saturday evening. Travel time to the resort is roughly just two hours from Manila but the unexpected travel time (there was some road constructions going on in either the town of Plaridel or Sta. Rita that time) of nearly four hours caused us to arrive at the resort at 12 midnight! We were all so tired and hungry that we just wanted to drop our bags and rest. We thought that we will all sleep with our stomachs empty but the resort was kind enough to have waited for us and still served delicious dinner at twelve...midnight!

Tuesday, December 13

Shop and Save with Groupon Coupons

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine **

Ever since I discovered my love for travel, I have found myself slowly choosing to buy adventurous stuff over girly things like rash guards over skirts, goggles over hip sun glasses or trekking pants over sun dresses. When I go shopping I tend to automatically proceed to the sports or travel section instead of checking out the ladies’ section. I would smile at myself and wonder what a total travel junkie I have become! It was just wishful thinking when I was a child.

Since traveling means lots of walking, having a sturdy footwear is on top of my list. Always!  It’s a must for me to invest in quality shoes instead of deciding to scrimp. I learned the hard way when I bought cheaper pair before. My current pair of trekking shoes is nearing retirement so it is a good thing that Groupon Coupons has Skechers 20% Off Coupons. I could definitely use this huge discount for my upcoming trips.

But since it’s already Christmas season, the busiest time of the year, I have some difficulty planning our family getaways when I do it on my own. But it’s Christmas anyway, so I let myself be stress free and use whatever helpful resources I can find. And it’s fun to know that you can buy OneTravel Coupons from Groupon too. Easy finding cheap flights for the vacation my family deserves.

How about you? You can definitely try Groupon Coupons. Just be patient so you can find that great deal you are looking for.

Monday, December 12

Philippine Passport Renewal: 9 Easy Steps

A passport is considered as one of the major forms of identification in any country. Every individual must have a passport. And to the most avid travelers, having theirs for the first time is like seeing light at the end of the tunnel for it signals a major step in their wandering history. That is traveling out of the country!

Here in the Philippines, our government has already done the necessary steps in making passport application easy and hassle-free. I had the chance to prove this again when I renewed my passport for the first time. 

Monday, December 5

Microtel by Wyndham South Forbes: Your Home in the South

It was me and my mom's birthday month last October. And I thought that there was no better way to celebrate her natal day than giving her a weekend just to have fun, relax and unwind. There was only one place that came up in my mind when I was planning this getaway. I prayed that we will be able to successfully book a stay in Microtel by Wyndham South Forbes. It was not only near our home but the surroundings where it was located was the major deciding factor. I thank God that my prayer was answered. My parents were also relieved to be staying in a familiar territory.
Microtel by Wyndham South Forbes at night