Monday, October 31

A Lazy Weekend at AurumOne Makati

I invited my favorite travel companion Marx and friend Hazel to celebrate with me. I was looking to spend a couple of days with my friends in a nice place in the metro. Hazel and I share the same birthday month while Marx had his just last September. Our last get together was more than two years ago so we were all excited when our calendars cleared up for a long awaited staycation.

Thursday, October 27

Cagbalete Island's Charm

Summer has always been about going to the beach for me. And being the beach lover that I am, I have always been on the lookout for beautiful beaches to visit. But with the Philippines’ 7107 islands, there are too many places to choose from that narrowing down my search per region made it easier for me. Then I heard about Cagbalete Island. Although there are a few options available, accommodation in Mauban, Quezon are still very comfortable. Upon seeing the island’s beaches and sand ripples during low tide, I knew I had to go there. Scheduling a trip to the island was hassle free as it was in proximity where from I live.

Monday, October 24

Exploring Roxas City

I was excited because it's been a while since I last traveled solo to an uncharted destination. My friend will not be joining me until three days later in Boracay so I planned a little 'me' time and planned a trip to Roxas City. I constantly hear that this is the place for the ultimate seafood lover. After spending three days at an organic farm the prior weekend, I thought I would not want seeing so many food again. But those mouth-watering, fresh seafood changed my mind instantly.

On a clear Sunday morning, I explored the city and was accompanied by Angie of of Las Islas Travel & Tours. Thank God that the weather was perfect for a walking tour as it had been raining in the northern part of the country. In anticipation, I already did a quick tour of the city proper the day before but it was nicer to have a companion who knows more about the place.

Monday, October 17

A Surprise Lunch at Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant

After I checked-in at my lodging, I rested for a while, freshened up and mentally scheduled my activities in my first day in Roxas City. It was past one in the afternoon and my stomach is already protesting since my last decent meal was seven in the morning. My mobile phone was just half charged when I hurriedly left my hotel. I proceeded to Baybay or People's Park where I had my first glance of Capiz seas. 
Before leaving, I asked the front desk and Ms. Edna of Roxas President's Inn recommended Coco Veranda Restaurant for my first lunch affair with the seafood capital of the Philippines. I was glad I took her advise for I was in for a delicious surprise.

It was past two when I settled in the restaurant. There were not much diners as it was a sleepy time of the day. I looked around and was assisted by Edmar. He enumerated the dishes they will serve. I am alone and I was thinking of just eating a small meal consisting of one rice with their bestseller viand and perhaps a decent dessert if they do offer it.

However, I was graciously given a full set of dishes which all appeared mouth-watering. I was glad I was hungry because whether you believe it or not, I was able to eat the entire set. Well, almost anyway. :)

Pantat (catfish)
I appreciated that the restaurant has direct access to the shore and the sides are open. The cool air from the beach quickly dissipates any humid weather gathering in the area. I chose to stay closer to the fence so I could gaze at the gentle waves and watch the little children as they ran back and forth in silence.

I took my time eating and spent an hour in the restaurant. And when I was sure I could walk upright again and gave my thanks to the staff. I was so full that I no longer had dinner that night.
Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant
Bay Bay, Roxas City, Capiz

Thursday, October 13 Makes Holiday Commutes Hassle-Free

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Monday, October 10

Blue Dawn Boracay

While I relished the quiet and solitude of staying in Boracay Station 1, I have never bothered staying at the other end of White Beach until our latest visit. Our last two nights in the island was spent in the more crowded Station 3.

I wanted to be where the crowd was but I still greatly considered our comfort and privacy in our choice of accommodation. Blue Dawn Boracay was a nice discovery of mine as the price is not just budget-friendly, their rooms are equipped with the necessary comforts of modern living and just a stone's throw away from shops, restaurants and the famous White Beach.

Blue Dawn Boracay looks like a big white ship

Our trike driver whisked us straight to the hotel. At first he was not so familiar with its location but after showing the map, the driver needed no further instructions. Blue Dawn Boracay may be situated in the inner part of Station 3 but it is just a few steps away from White Beach - it is almost a beach front hotel!

Monday, October 3

A Welcoming Stay at White Coral Hotel

After a year and a half, I was back in the loving arms of Boracay Island. I missed it very much that I wanted our choice of lodging to be near the beach. Last year, we stayed in a hotel near the main road which wasn't so bad given that the island is small and White Beach was just a mere five-minute walk away.