Wednesday, June 22

Exploring Santa Cruz, Marinduque

This heart-shaped province had been on top of my bucket list for quite a while. I was eluding it for the longest time but I knew deep down that a weekend getaway will not suffice. Then the right time came after the wedding of one my closest friends. 

Our main purpose was to visit and enjoy the amenities of Marikit-Na Beach Resort in Maniwaya Island. But the rest of Marinduque is much more beautiful that just curling up in our room means wasting precious exploration time.
Left: A Roman soldier of the Moriones Festival
Right: An elderly woman lights up a candle as she watches the ongoing Santacruzan

Before we headed to Marikit-na Beach Resort, we spent one night in the municipality of Sta. Cruz after arriving from Manila. This sleepy town has its own share of treasures worth appreciating and our one night stopover was definitely not put to waste.

Wednesday, June 15

Marikit-na Beach Resort: Your Homey Island Getaway

It is truly amazing when you think positively that something will happen, it does actually happen. My dream to finally step foot in the island province of Marinduque came true when we visited this charming resort in an island called Maniwaya. 

Our adventure began at the dawn of one Sunday morning. We rode a JAC Liner bus bound for Dalahican Port in Lucena and from there we reached Balanacan Port in Mogpog via a three-hour ferry ride. A van brought us to Dewey Hotel in downtown Santa Cruz at 80 pesos per head where we spent the night before embarking to Maniwaya Island the following morning.

Buyabod Port was the gateway to Maniwaya Island. We paid 20 pesos per head (tricycle) from the town proper to reach the port. Our boatman Abel was already waiting for our arrival. We were quickly whisked off to the island using the boat owned by the resort. Fare is at 70 pesos if you will be riding the passenger boat to the island.