Monday, February 15

My Hunt for Filipino Antiques

My love of antiques was totally reawakened after my visit to a friend's gorgeous home last January. I already have a couple of old stuff back home: a vintage kitty painting and a rustic iron both from Ilocos. I wanted to have the old and reliable aparadors for my room. But they cost quite a fortune so I settled my eyes on smaller stuff for the mean time.

I surfed the web until I found the things that I like. I stumbled upon a discreet but bursting-with-wealth antiques shop in Manila and saw this century-old mirror frame and completely fell in love with it.

I visited the shop one Saturday and was welcomed by the owner. She patiently answered all the questions of a giddy antiques-lover. I was quite particular with the age because for me, the older the better. More mysterious and magical too! Imagine that much history right in front me. I was close to hyperventilating actually. 

Our home's living room will be undergoing a major renovation to properly accommodate the stuff and look that I have long longed for. My bedroom to follow. It will cost me a bit but it would be worth it I am sure. Come Christmas time I will be seeing a mini-version of TOF's home. It may not be as beautiful as his by the end of the year but I hope the old world vibe will already exist. 

That tokador has my eyes for quite some time now

Tuesday, February 2

Aliw and Hulugan Falls of Luisiana, Laguna

My friend Joshua invited me to his Aliw and Hulugan Falls adventure before the start of the year. My Indochina trip was more than three months ago and I was already beginning to get bored since my first official air travel won't happen until March. With this, I gamely said yes to him. I also thought it was nice to forge new friendships. And I was glad I came as Joshua's friends were sure awesome!

We visited Hulugan Falls and Aliw Falls in Luisiana, 
Laguna. Luisiana is a fourth class municipality bounded by Pagsanjan and Cavinti in the north, Magdalena and Majayjay in the west, Lucban and Sampaloc, Quezon in the east. This agricultural town used to be a part of the older Majayjay where another well-known falls is located, the Majayjay or Taytay Falls.

It is also called the 'Little Baguio of Laguna' due to its cool climate. Like the nearby towns, Luisiana has been gifted by natural wonders such as these two waterfalls slowly gaining a widespread popularity.

Talong Hulugan (Hulugan Falls)
Brgy. San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna

Hulugan Falls is a gem