Monday, January 4

Saigon aka HCMC

We just passed through Ho Chi Minh City on our way back to Manila. Coming from a long 14-hour bus ride from Siem Reap, with a short stopover in Phnom Penh, the sights and sounds of HCMC was a big change from the quiet surroundings we have gotten so used to in the last three days. 

Ben Thanh Market

Church of Notre Dame

I am a lover of noodles 

HCMC's streets are always full of motorbikes!

When we were waiting for our flight back home, we surmised how time flew by so fast. It was already the end of our Indo-china trip. We were a bit tired as the last few days went by in a blur. My friend and I thanked God that we were able to proceed with the trip. Even though we were not blessed financially, we had more than enough to keep our bellies full and had beautiful lodgings we called our second homes. 

God is in deed great!

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