Tuesday, August 25

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Me and my family have adopted this city as our hometown for more than a decade now. Sadly, a few years back, when Nuvali was still virtually unheard of and Enchanted Kingdom was the most famous two-word phrase anyone can think in relation to Santa Rosa, no one knows her little secrets yet.

1.  Fresh Air

Before Nuvali and numerous subdivisions sprouted like mushrooms in the higher terrain of the city, acres and acres of un-utilized land can be appreciated.  Fifteen years ago, drag-racing is popular along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay highway.  Yes, that was how scarcely populated this part of Santa Rosa once was.

Santa Rosa still enjoys the cool breeze coming from Tagaytay highlands specially during Christmas season. I am glad that most of the real estate developers did a great job of incorporating the communities into Mother Nature and not vice versa.  Families who decided to live here can still enjoy the comfort of modern life in the midst of a natural setting.

Tuesday, August 18

Wednesday, August 12

How I Plan For Long Travels

My upcoming foray to five southeast Asian countries comprise of a 13-day period.  In 2012, I have also found my itchy feet exploring three countries namely Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand within ten moon nights.

I feel a different kind of thrill when I embark on a travels lasting at least more than seven days.  Perhaps it is the idea of being away from the usual daily grind you are familiar with or the thrill of planning from booking seat sales during ungodly hours to scouting for hotels to checking places of interest.  But the best thought is the possibility of taking long train rides or going into another country over land.

One thing  I am sure is that longer travels excite me more. So my friends ask how do I plan for such travels.  Let me share to you some tips I have learned from my own and some of my travel buddies' experiences.
Bound for Bangalore, India

Wednesday, August 5

My Five Favorite Personal Blog Entries

It may be in the way I have described each adventure or the very place I traveled to. Whatever the reason is, I find myself reading back these write-ups of mine over and over again. 

I Got Charmed in Cagbalete

My intro paragraph read like this:  Our vessel sliced and diced through the dancing waves. The boat seemed to be ticklish as she jumped every now and then, the waves constantly teasing her from underneath. 

I do not get tired of reading my first Cagbalete Island experience.  I am tempted to re-visit this nearby paradise next summer.