Monday, July 13

Palawan, the Second Time

Visiting Palawan this year was not in my plan at all.  I predicted a laid back traveling life this year but I guess the best trips are those that are unplanned.  Much more those out of the blue. 

Puerto Princesa City was a stranger to me as soon as I stepped out of the airport.  The city scape has changed so much since my last visit summer of 2013.  I did not recognize Rizal Avenue at all.  I did not have any familiar recollection of the surroundings too. Well, maybe except for the airport.

I stayed in Skylight Hotel during my first night and transferred to the lovely Subli Guest Cabins the following day.

In between, I found myself swimming in the blue waters of the West Philippine Sea.  I was magically transported to Pag-Asa Island with the help of my good friends and the Almighty. That very day is the most memorable for me. And I know it will be for the longest time.

Palawan is truly a gem, our country's last frontier. I know I need to go back and do more exploration.  
Mermaid Paula in Cowrie Island
But I do not like planning anything that ahead anymore. Maybe one day I will just wake up, book a ticket and head on to Port Barton...

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Palawan, the Second Time

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