Tuesday, July 28

A Delectable Dining Experience at St. Nicholas Restaurant

Tucked in the quiet residential uphills of Mandaluyong City, a cozy restaurant called St. Nicholas is slowly gaining popularity.

Owned by the General Manager cum Executive Chef, Mr. Nick Pelaez, I went home that night with a full tummy, new acquaintances and a promise of more laughs with old friends.

It was past four PM and nearing dinner time.  My friend Jherson patiently waited for me at a nearby fast food. Upon arrival, the small group of invited individuals were already gathered in the rectangular table. My other friend Joshua arrived just after us.  

Thursday, July 23

The Buffet - International Cuisine

It was in a one not-so-sunny Saturday when me and a couple of my friends tried out the buffet at The Buffet. More than just a buffet restaurant, The Buffet - International Cuisine is an events place catering to special gatherings like weddings, debut, birthdays and corporate events.
Often times, I get to associate long lines and crowded venues to buffets but surprisingly, our visit was the opposite.  The dining area was nicely arranged.  The tables are located on one side while the table where the food were served were arranged artistically on the other.  

Thursday, July 16

The Old Houses of Pasig

I have come to treat Pasig City as my second home as a relative resides here.  My concept of Pasig City was built upon the song Anak ng Pasig (child of Pasig) as popularized by the Philippine 90's vocal group Smokey Mountain.  For a long time, the picture of a dirty and smelly river was ingrained in my young mind.

Though the back streets are very narrow, they hold beautiful secrets which I discovered during one mid-morning biking session with Journeying Pinay.  

Monday, July 13

Palawan, the Second Time

Visiting Palawan this year was not in my plan at all.  I predicted a laid back traveling life this year but I guess the best trips are those that are unplanned.  Much more those out of the blue. 

Puerto Princesa City was a stranger to me as soon as I stepped out of the airport.  The city scape has changed so much since my last visit summer of 2013.  I did not recognize Rizal Avenue at all.  I did not have any familiar recollection of the surroundings too. Well, maybe except for the airport.

I stayed in Skylight Hotel during my first night and transferred to the lovely Subli Guest Cabins the following day.

Monday, July 6

Chillin' with the Armed Forces of the Philippines

In my unexpected Spratly Island sojourn a few weeks back, I flew in the island with the coolest men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Lt. Michael taking a selfie with the mermaid who got lost in the isla! lol.

We found time to bond in such a short span of time in Pag-Asa Island.  Me and my friend Heiz swam for twenty minutes while they watched over us.