Monday, March 2

Five Budget-friendly Summer Destinations Near Manila

I have here a list of pocket-friendly waterscapes near Manila.  These escapades are guaranteed to be time-friendly and easy on the wallet.

Ranging from a quick day tour to a refreshing overnight stay, it's choose your own adventure since summer is officially here. : ))

Gen. Tiñio, Nueva Ecija

Few of you may have heard about Minalungao National Park. Situated just under four hours from Manila, in Gen. Tiñio, Nueva Ecija, this secluded yet intricately-designed natural attraction is slowly gaining popularity among travel enthusiasts.

Calatagan, Batangas

Reserve a weekend for Burot Beach's quiet escape.  Bring along your friends and family before this place is turned into a commercial resort.  

Mauban, Quezon

This is a perfect weekend getaway for those wanting to experience the island life.  A three hour bus ride, approximately two hours of boat ride, and a short walk to the resort of your choice is all it takes to see the sea.  

Don’t forget to take pictures of the flat, rippled sands during low tide which this island is famous for.

Surfers and non-surfers would definitely love the simple charm of this place

Cavinti, Laguna

Want to see the popular Pagsanjan Falls of Laguna?  Its either you opt for the traditional banca ride via Pagsanjan or go a bit hard core by rappeling via the Cavinti route.  I prefer the latter but it is still your choice.

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