Monday, January 26

Batanes: South Batan Tour

So Batanes had mesmerized me for days after my week-long travel.  South Batan had been a total eye-candy.  Actually, anywhere I look in Batanes, I could not utter any other words except wow. 

And so go ahead and get wowed.

Mahatao Shelter Port

I will climb up those stairs in my next visit.
Racuh A Payaman | Marlboro Hills

My most favorite place.  I did nothing here but run, shout and jump for sheer joy.  This defines Batanes for me.

Monday, January 19

Batanes: North Batan Tour

Batanes had long been a dream for me.  And just last month, I was able to realize those dreams.  I would no longer bore you with my endless string of words.  Let the photos do the talking.

Of course I would not pass up this iconic landmark!

Valugan Boulder Beach

It's perfect for a pre-historic movie.  Say, set in the times of T-Rex?  This boulder-filled, always-angry beach was formed during the eruption of Mt. Iraya, Batanes' highest peak, in 400 AD.

Basco Lighthouse

I don't know why, but lighthouses remind me of love stories set in the medieval times.  I'm sure if I were an object in my next life, I'd choose to be a lighthouse. 

Monday, January 5

Batanes: Beyond Words

For two hours I did not nothing but tumbled and rolled in my bed, trying very hard to sleep. This was what I did the night before my flight to Batanes.  Or shall I say, several hours before my flight.  I kept worrying that my alarm clock would not wake me up in time.  Missing my 6 AM flight would be the most tragic event of 2014, if that actually happened.  Hungry and sleep-deprived, I stood up at 3 AM and decided that sleep had to wait for another 18 hours.

Thursday, January 1

2014 is My Year of Traveling Around the Philippines

Nope.  No foreign travel for me this past year.  A tri-country tour was supposed to happen but my gut told me early on it will not happen. And it didn't.

More local trips were in store for me.  More unchartered domestic destinations uncovered.  I fell in love.  Yes, I fell in love with my country over and over again. From north to south. From mountains to seas.  From heritage towns to waterfalls.  I think I had everything covered.  Let me share with you some of my traveling highlights from the past 12 months.

My 2014 travel adventures kicked off in the historic city of Vigan of Ilocos Sur during the first weekend of March. Heritage is the core of my every wandering and so my itchy feet led me to this unique heritage site.  

As I said, 'I was undeniably, irrevocably in love with Vigan'.