Tuesday, December 23

The Kingdom of Batanes

Basco (Naidi) Lighthouse from a distance

Batanes… ah!  In my three decades of existence, I have never dreamed about a place so much as I did about B. Ever since I was a child I would often yearn to go to Scotland to experience that European magic.  But of course we all know that going to the far west is not exactly a walk in the park.  So I have turned my gaze to my homeland, and found an even more mesmerizing place.

Just last year, I have seen the influx of excited travelers as they all stepped foot for the first time on the once-unreachable Kingdom of Batanes.  And I, as a self-proclaimed Princess of Batanes, couldn’t help but smile.  Did I get envious?  Not really.  For me, Batanes is a special place.  It is where I see myself getting married.  It is where I see myself walking around aimlessly for hours.  It is where I see myself talking to inaminate objects like that lone lighthouse.  

I felt no rush then to land on her shores.  There will be a perfect time for that.  I can hear things with my heartbeat.  And B is quietly telling me that there will be the right time for our own love story.

On the last day of the 11th month of the year, I found myself rushing to the airport, a bag pack on my shoulder and the most precious ticket clasped in between my fingers.  Yes, I was really going to my kingdom.  Butterflies were doing cartwheels in my stomach. I was jittery. It was like seeing a potential partner on our first date. 

As the clouds parted, I caught a glimpse of her rugged terrain.  Our plane skirted above the coastline, it reminded me of a raptor slowly hovering over its prey, constantly aiming and adjusting.  Our pilot was very good as the wheels of the plane landed with just a soft thud.  Finally, in a few minutes, my feet landed and touched Batanes soil.  I remember closing my eyes just for a bit.  Freedom was what I felt.  It helped discern the inscrutable feeling.  Yes, I said to myself, I am finally in Batanes. : ))


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  1. Oh my Batanes! your so near yet so far :( Luv the photos! :)

  2. This is next our list.
    Thanks for sharing and keep on charging!



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