Tuesday, December 23

The Kingdom of Batanes

Basco (Naidi) Lighthouse from a distance

Batanes… ah!  In my three decades of existence, I have never dreamed about a place so much as I did about B. Ever since I was a child I would often yearn to go to Scotland to experience that European magic.  But of course we all know that going to the far west is not exactly a walk in the park.  So I have turned my gaze to my homeland, and found an even more mesmerizing place.

Just last year, I have seen the influx of excited travelers as they all stepped foot for the first time on the once-unreachable Kingdom of Batanes.  And I, as a self-proclaimed Princess of Batanes, couldn’t help but smile.  Did I get envious?  Not really.  For me, Batanes is a special place.  It is where I see myself getting married.  It is where I see myself walking around aimlessly for hours.  It is where I see myself talking to inaminate objects like that lone lighthouse.  

I felt no rush then to land on her shores.  There will be a perfect time for that.  I can hear things with my heartbeat.  And B is quietly telling me that there will be the right time for our own love story.

On the last day of the 11th month of the year, I found myself rushing to the airport, a bag pack on my shoulder and the most precious ticket clasped in between my fingers.  Yes, I was really going to my kingdom.  Butterflies were doing cartwheels in my stomach. I was jittery. It was like seeing a potential partner on our first date. 

As the clouds parted, I caught a glimpse of her rugged terrain.  Our plane skirted above the coastline, it reminded me of a raptor slowly hovering over its prey, constantly aiming and adjusting.  Our pilot was very good as the wheels of the plane landed with just a soft thud.  Finally, in a few minutes, my feet landed and touched Batanes soil.  I remember closing my eyes just for a bit.  Freedom was what I felt.  It helped discern the inscrutable feeling.  Yes, I said to myself, I am finally in Batanes. : ))


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Tuesday, December 16

Davao: Life Is Indeed Here

After visiting General Santos City and Lake Sebu of South Cotabato, my friend and I spent the next two days in Davao City. It was my first time here.  But due to lack of time, we only get to visit the town proper and a nearby resort in the island of Samal.

I will definitely pay Davao City another visit again so I could explore all it has to offer.  For the meantime, our friend and host Glen toured us around with what our limited time offered us.  
UP Mindanao

St. Peter Church

Davao City Hall

Our first afternoon was spent visiting UP Mindanao, St. Peter Church and Davao City Hall.  I got giddy when I saw a Mamang Sorbetero (dirty ice cream vendor) who was poised across the church.  I made tikim (taste) the Durian-flavored ice-cream for only Php 10.  

We spent the next morning beach-bumming at the nearby Costa Pacifica Resort in Samal Island. I was happy when Glen told us that we were already in Davao del Norte by just crossing the waters after 15 minutes.  Yahoo! Another province off my bucket-list.

Costa Marina Beach Resort

It is advisable to visit the island during weekday.  Aside from a small family, we had the beach all to ourselves. The weather was perfect and the waters cool to the skin.  I swam happily. The mermaid has conquered another beach! 

After six hours under the sun, we headed back to the city and had our last meal together at Lachi's.  

Tuesday, December 9

Lake Sebu: The Paradise of the Dreamweavers

Upon watching the indie film K'Na, The Dreamweaver, I knew immediately that I had to step foot in Lake Sebu and mingle with the colorful T'boli people.  The opportunity presented itself when my friend Mai asked me to come with her trip.  Without second thoughts, I booked my ticket even if I knew my budget will be blown way out of proportion.  It is Lake Sebu! I told myself.  It is where K'Na fell in love. And I knew I needed to feel that love too. 

Tuesday, December 2

Wander Photo: Brave in Bangalore

It has been more than a year since I stepped foot in India. Until now I still can not believe that I was able to land my itchy feet in that colorful country.

Here's to lifetime of beautiful memories, starting off with being brave in Bangalore.