Tuesday, April 29

Bangued, Abra

My second day in Vigan was supposedly allotted to visit the other tourist spots.  However, the adventurous me literally burst in excitement as Ed suggested we pay Bangued, Abra a visit. Me? Stepping foot on Abra? Abra? As in the one I was just studying about during grade school? I did not hesitate to say yes.

The lovely Bangued Cathedral

Friday, April 25

My Dream Boy, He Could Be You

So I chose to write this post since this will be the first and the last time I would write such.  So please pardon me as I become a bit emotionaI and melo-dramatic. Actually I am always emotional and melo-dramatic.  Right Abrbrbr peeps? Lol.  

He could be yellow, lol

I am no longer that young to be as carefree as I want to be but I am not yet too old to give up on the thought of finding my future partner.  You see, I used to be in a relationship with one guy for quite some time but he just wasn't the guy I was seeing myself spending the rest of my life with.  Then I met this guy whom I truly cared about but perhaps he is just super kind that God decided He needed more of him in heaven.  So He called him back for all eternity.

Tuesday, April 22

The Zippy Zambawood

We often find ourselves hurrying to get into the next chapter of our lives.   We sometimes seek the end even before the beginning commences.  Our world concerns many things which mostly do not deserve our time and attention - stuff that either not only depresses us but also makes us miss what really matters in life. 

Sometimes, it is also good to drop whatever we are doing and just run off to paradise.  I was given the blessing of experiencing paradise in a short but rather sweet getaway. Two weekends ago, I have been a witness to the birth of a vision worth mentioning.

Wednesday, April 16

Vigan's Love Story

Dear Readers,

As you all know I am a romantic at heart. I couldn't help it but I need to write this down before emotions turn me into a hot pile of bubbling liquid. Calle Crisologo is astounding in daylight.  But when night marries the day, it is absolutely a different story.

Rows and rows of old ancestral homes line this centuries-old street.  Marred only by the constant hopping of horse carriages and captured in stills by every curious visitor, I wondered back then if every one who come this way feel the feelings I feel (Okay, I know it is redundant).  

I wanted to cry. I wanted to hug these enormous abode. I needed to simply feel them.  For me they are not just houses made of adobe, or stone or what not.  They are living testaments of the love that has lived through the centuries. Memories born out of love.  

You see, my friend Edmar shared such a love story.  A Japanese commander (hope am right) fell in love with an Ilocana.  He ordered Vigan spared from the war as he did not want to see the life of his love in ruins.  In my eyes, I think his heart would not be able to take it if she would perish because of his doings.

As I walk along Calle Crisologo, I could feel his love - echoing, emanating, encompassing every facet of what might have been.  I am sure wherever he is, he is happy to see that his sacrifice is meant to last forever.  These old homes of Vigan, standing tall and proud, are mute witnesses to such great love - the greatest love a man could give to a woman.  

So next time you visit Vigan, try to look at it in a different light.  Walk along Calle Crisologo at midnight, stand still for a minute, close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Smile slowly and feel the love around you, within you.  Feel the great power of love. Of what it can do for you and for the one you love.

Pondering Paodaolei

This post is my official entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger's May 2014 Blog Carnival Themed 'Luzon Lovapalooza'. Hosted by Mervin a.k.a. Pinoy Adventurista.

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Tuesday, April 15


My first solo trip to the northern part of Luzon island started with me elbowing fellow passengers on board a Pasay-bound ordinary bus.  I was heading for the Pasay terminal of Partas bus company since the Cubao terminal confirmed their reservations were already full.  I got nervous at the idea of not being able to pursue this trip since it took several months of anticipation in finally realizing my dream.

Ilocos Longganisa and Bagnet

I arrived at the bus station at a little past nine in the evening coming straight from work.  The bus terminal was full to the hilt but I gave a sigh of relief as I see that there was no queue at the ticketing section.  It turns out that a passenger must secure a stub from the guard entrance first.  Wait for your stub number to be called before you can buy your bus ticket.  It wasn't until more than two hours later that my number was called.  And it wasn't until another hour again before I was able to ride my designated bus.  I think we left the terminal at almost one in the morning.  Please don't ask me since I already lost track of time.  

Ilocos seas

Tuesday, April 8

The Historical Central United Methodist Church

It has only been recently that I have known that one of the churches of the United Methodist Church here in the Philippines, the Central United Methodist Church (CUMC), is a very part of our Philippine history.  I grew up and came to know God in another Methodist Church, the St. Peter United Methodist Church of Navotas City.  My Uncle and Aunt-in-law got married in this very church more than 16 years ago.  

CUMC present-day facade

NHCP marker right at the entrance of the church

Tuesday, April 1

City Of Seven Lakes Revisited

It was my first time to play as tour guide to my travel buddies.  This getaway was supposed to be an overnight stay in one of my favorite cities but most of them were not available on the next day.  Hence, I organized this day-tour event.  I got a little excited in showing them the little treasures I have loved for a quite some time now since most of them have not yet been in this part of Laguna.

A DIY tour of the seven lakes was doable but it got me thinking that it could get pretty tiring.  Especially if you are exploring at late morning.  After agreeing on our logistics, I got them a trike-chaffeur who also served us our tour guide of sorts.

Sampaloc Lake 

Sampaloc Lake
Overlooking Mt. Cristobal

Sampaloc Lake is the largest and the most accessible among the seven lakes.  It is near San Pablo City Hall, Cafe Lago and Tahanan ni Aling Meding.