Tuesday, February 11

Whirling Emotions

Prince Charming. Queens. Wicked Mothers.  Castles and rolling valleys. Yes, they are a bunch of characters and settings of fairy tales we usually tell to little children.

Taj Mahal, for me, is like a fairy tale. Only real. Much better. More alive in my memory.

As we entered the east gate, people from different walks of life were busy milling around us. Everyone was trying to get a snap shot of themselves with the Taj Mahal as the background. People were sighing impatiently as they try to get the best angle. Tour guides slash photographers were hugging all the best areas.  One always needs to stand his ground.

Indian schoolteachers herd their students into the complex
As soon as we entered the gate, my eyes were automatically drawn towards the enormous structure meters away from where I was standing.  I am seeing Taj Mahal. Yes, it is there. A stark white and magnanimous in its being.

That moment of finally laying my eyes on her were as momentous as my birthday.  I was sure I was having a vision of apparition, an almost divine experience .  I have fallen in love with her at first sight.  As I walked slowly towards her, enthralled, I found myself praying for a future love since as they say, a journey to India is a pilgrimage of love.

If you are not barefooted, shoe covers are a must
And this magnificent monument is the very essence of that love.  Built for the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of the late emperor Shan Jahan, Taj Mahal is the supreme manifestation of the love a man could offer his other half.  I suddenly found myself dreaming if a man could love me as much. Oh, the hopeless romantic that I am.
Magnificent. Wonderful. Amazing.
No words could capture the very essence of this experience.
Spending three hours inside the complex was worth it. The photo-enthusiast in me enjoyed taking in her moments, in different angles and settings.  Pictures merely capture her physical being. But one has got to lay her eyes on her to truly appreciate her meaning. It definitely brought a set of whirling emotions inside me. 


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