Friday, January 31

Sample El Nido & Puerto Princesa Tour Itinerary

Many of my readers are eager to ask about how did my Puerto Princesa-El Nido tour last year take place.  Below is a sample itinerary many of you can do for a four-day tour to the beautiful cluster of islands that is Palawan.  Of course, this will depend on your arrival and departure times.  To make most of your short stay, best to book an early flight-in and a late flight-out.

Cherry blossoms in El Nido

Tuesday, January 28

New Delhi Baby!

So this was where my hardcore India experience really started. New Delhi, as everyone should know, is India's bustling capital. We arrived at New Delhi train station and was whisked by our host, Smyle Inn, to Main Bazaar. We spent two nights in New Delhi.  Ate steak for the first time in weeks and met a blogger friend we truly admire.

As soon as our car left the train hub, the famous India traffic jam greeted us.  I felt I was in downtown Manila but in a much noisier version.  Car fumes, car horns, yowling machines are heard in the four corners of our vehicle.  We were already at the heart of India and I was just beginning to see how busy and lively it is.  

Main Bazaar, New Delhi

Tuesday, January 21

Back in Baguio City

Sumptuous meals we feasted on while exploring Baguio City
I vividly remember my first trip in Baguio City.  It was around seven years ago. A younger me have not yet discovered the wonderful world of traveling.  I found the 6-hour bus ride arduous and butt-numbing. That 48-hour visit together with my family, was out of the blue.  We did not see much of the famous sites since my dad easily gets tired and is no longer used to long walks.  I guess the purpose of that visit was just to bond and relax for even for just a couple of days.

Monday, January 13

Pondering in the Pink City

After my brief love affair with Chittorgarh, I found myself, together with Marx, in the city known as Jaipur. We arrived at the Jaipur train station at around half past five in the morning. We were greeted by super kulit tuktuk drivers who followed us all over. Marx got irritated with one that they exchanged brief words which almost boiled down to a personal level.

Wandering in the streets of the Pink City.
Well, I see it's more on the red-orange hue ;-)

Thursday, January 9

Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand (10 Days)

Below is the summary of our tri-country trip back in October 2012.  We visited Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for ten straight days.

On the way to NAIA 3
P 58     - Bus fare from Balibago Complex, Sta. Rosa to LRT Buendia
P 110   - Taxi fare per person (base fare, tip and Skyway Toll Fee P20)
P 1620 - Travel tax
P 550   - Terminal fee

Sub-total:  P 2338

Checked in at Cozy Corner Guesthouse
SGD 36 - Two persons, 3 days 2 nights, mixed-bed airconditioned dormitory
SGD 2.00  - Changi Airport to Bugis MRT Station
SGD 4.90 - Lunch

Merlion Park | Marina Sands Bay | Krisflyer | Singapore Skyline
SGD 1.10 - Bugis MRT STation to Raffles Place Station

Back to Hostel

SGD 1.10 - Raffles Place Station to Bugis MRT STation  

Sub-total: SGD 41.10 or P 1387.19

Total: P 3725.19

Monday, January 6

Israel, Morocco and the Fort of Chittorgarh

Dear Chittorgargh Fort, 

I was still reeling from the feeling of falling in love with Udaipur when the need to part shortly with her came.  It was quite painful since we only had a day to actually spend together.  But then I had no choice but to bid adieu for a while so I could meet you in person.  Or maybe to save myself from hopelessly falling in love with Udaipur that I pretended I was excited to come see you. You already burned a hole in my pocket even when I have not yet stepped at your doors.

Chittorgargh Fort

Thursday, January 2

2014 Philippine Official Holidays

Photo credit: Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines*

Start your 2014 right by planning your travels, journeys, trips, sojourns, voyages, excursionjunket, walks, expedition and every synonymous word you could think of in between.  Above is the list of National Holidays for the Philippines this year.

Have fun in planning! 

*May change from date of posting. Depending on upcoming government updates