Thursday, December 12

On Love and The Sunsets of my Life

Playa de Oro Beach aka Mindoro Beach, Vigan

I find sunsets romantic.  I specifically do not know why. Perhaps because the sun's rays gives off a warm, softened feeling.  Much like when are you are having coffee with a special someone, in a quiet corner of a lonely cafe in the metro with only a dim, overhead yellow light serving as your guide. 

Corong Corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan
I find sunsets most romantic specially when I see the sun sets at the sea.  Maybe it is the way the chasms below pull the enigmatic sun into her arms.  Telling her to immediately come home so they could spend the night together, softly whispering to each other words of love.

Sunset at Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan

I find sunsets romantic maybe because of the calmness it emanates.  It somehow reminds me that life is indeed just simple and that the sun will always be there no matter where we go.  It serves as our silent guide in everything we do. 

Sunset at a beach in Lemery, Batanggas

Sunsets comes with a promise that there will be a new day at the end of each one. Sunsets comes with the hope that in our lives there will always be joy in every success we encounter and joy in learning in every failure we face.

I love sunsets.  I see the colors of nature at its finest.  I love how the combination of different colors and hues give life to a quickly-darkening sky. How the golden-yellow sun rays mold into a backdrop of seas, mountains or valleys.  It is when the sun sets that I could clearly hear my own heart beat.  It is absolutely romantic.

CamSur Sports Complex

But most of all I find sunsets romantic because it greatly reminds me of love. Of the feeling of being in love. And that wonderful feeling of falling in love.  

Love does not have a definite feeling. For me love is like a sunset because love is like the sun for me.  It sets my heart to always believe in the power of waiting, to witness the dawning of a new day. And to always believe that love will always be there.


  1. Sunset

    I chase you every time
    You Fail me most of the time
    You break me every time
    Still I love you till' end of time

    We all love sunset because it reminds us that there's tommorow and we have to leave the past and face the morning while enjoying the night.

  2. I remember a psychological test where if you answer "sunset" you are considered a romantic. :)

    1. Well I definitely am a old romantic born in the wrong era! hahaha :-)

  3. Pao, I think everyone loves sunset. It's like life, the sun is about to set but remember but wait for tomorrow for a new beginnings. It will rise up again. :)

  4. Another sunset (and sunrise) lover here! I can't believe I still haven't bumped into you at the office haha! :)

    1. Hello Lizzie! Yeah, hope to bump you up somewhere in the office. :-)


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