Tuesday, December 31


2013 is a grand year for me.  Why? It was my year to finally write off several exotic places in my travel bucket list.  I did not get to travel as often as in 2012.  But this decision was proven worthwhile as I have gone to Palawan, explored the islands and even went as far as to the very exotic country which is India.

Meeting New Friends

Again, just like in 2012, the most precious gift a traveler can have while on the road is to meet new friends.  Friendships forged with the same love for traveling is often lasting.  The exhiliration of meeting and planning my trips with these people are beyond words.  Now, I already consider a two week travel super short. Thanks to them.

These guys made my second visit to Calaguas more memorable
And I finally traveled again with Marx and met the legendary Josiah Sicad! 
Peace Josiah!  I know you might hate me! lol

This trip definitely opened my eyes about the past and the future

Friday, December 20

SEAIR I To Fly Special Holiday Flights for the Christmas Season

Manila, December 18, 2013. SEAIR International (SEAIR I) will fly Special Holiday Flights for the Christmas Season. 

On December 26 – 30 and January 2 – 5, SEAIR I will be flying from Manila Domestic Terminal 4 to Caticlan Airport, the main airport for the paradise island of Boracay. As a special treat, these special premium leisure flights are being offered to cater to the increasing volume of tourists and vacationers heading to Boracay for Christmas and New Year, especially since there is a last minute shortage of flights to Caticlan. 

The special holiday flights cost P9,927.20, round trip, inclusive of all taxes, fuel surcharge, domestic passenger service charge and free 20 kilos baggage allowance. 

Flight inquiries, booking and reservations may be directed to the SEAIR I call center at (02) 849-0101. For more information on the special holiday flights, visit www.flyseair.com. 
SEAIR International uses the Dornier 328 aircraft to provide the fastest flights from Manila to Caticlan in just 35 minutes. It has a large seat pitch with a feel of a big jet and is designed with sufficient interior volume per passenger. 

For Boracay flight reservations, visit www.flyseair.com or call 849-0101. Please like the SEAIR Facebook fan page at www.facebook/flyseair for updates on promotions and new routes.

Thursday, December 12

On Love and The Sunsets of my Life

Playa de Oro Beach aka Mindoro Beach, Vigan

I find sunsets romantic.  I specifically do not know why. Perhaps because the sun's rays gives off a warm, softened feeling.  Much like when are you are having coffee with a special someone, in a quiet corner of a lonely cafe in the metro with only a dim, overhead yellow light serving as your guide. 

Corong Corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan

Monday, December 9

Tuesday, December 3

Wander Photo: November 2012

It's been a year since I had a love affair with dear Mt. Pinatubo.  The hours spent traversing lahar-filled landscape was worth it. I vividly remember how Its azure blue lake coolly welcomed us.

  I would not mind re-visiting her again.  For now, I will be content in reading back what happened here