Monday, November 11

Magnificent Mumbai

We took a local plane from Goa to Mumbai which left at 7:30 am.  After about an hour's flight, we reached Mumbai and dared to reach the city center by taking the train. Carrying all our heavy bags, we bought our tickets but did not know on which platform we were supposed to be heading.  Our arrival coincided with several trains' arrival so people were rushing to the exit. Tired and quite overwhelmed by what we witnessed, Marx and I just decided to take the cab.  About an hour later, we reached our hotel with the skies threatening to cry.

We stayed at Travelers Inn located in a side street a few blocks away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus famous .  I was struck on how beautiful and the intricate this structure was. If this was not located in the center of a busy intersection, I'm sure that I could spend an entire day taking snapshots of her different angles.  However, we did not spent much time since we only have an afternoon to explore the bustling city.

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus panoramic view

After our photo sessions with the beautiful railway station, a cab and 25 INR later, we were deposited on the shores of Mumbai which faces the Arabian Sea.  We walked the stretch of the shoreline while wishing it will not rain.  Couples were lining up the boardwalk and we saw one kissing.  :-*  It was a refreshing and quite a very romantic sight.
Lovers in paradise?

Marine Drive panoramic view


I was amazed when we visited Mani Bhavan afterwards. Located in the quiet street of Laburnum Road in downtown Mumbai, the mansion used to host the respectable Mahatma Gandhi.  Entrance is free and photo-taking is superbly allowed.  Mani Bhavan or also called Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya houses a library and museum too.  The stairwells are dotted with his life's pictures.  His dedication for the betterment of his time can be seen from the many angles of this abode. 

Mahatma Gandhi
Gateway Of India

And this is where we entered India but not quite literally.  The India Gate were constantly surrounded by hordes of tourists.  Another gate of India can be found in New Delhi but I find this one more charming.  Horse-drawn carriages are available for hire but we did not dare ask how much since we would not be riding one.  The Taj Mahal Palace stands facing the sea and it was quite an imposing sight.  Marx and me wondered how much is the nightly rate here.  We wonder maybe it was worth the whole budget of our entire trip! It sure would be expensive and so we just got content in having our photos taken. 

The Taj Mahal Palace
Intercontinental Mumbai

We just spent an entire afternoon in Mumbai but our itinerary was packed nonetheless. Mumbai is  also known as Bombay. European architectural influence is evident specially in the city center.  The old structures are still being used as offices, commercial and residential establishments.  I noticed though some do need to be restored or at be least re-painted.  

The cool Mumbai breeze and the city's lively ambience gives the city its own brand of magnificence. Perhaps it is the glow of those towering structures still standing tall amidst the caress of modern times.  

More Photos Here

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  1. that picture of you on the train platform made me jealous!!! that's probably one of the best travel experience i could have ;) Aand you know what Ghandi, is one of my favorite figure of the 20th century... i've seen his biopic and it made me adore him like how i do with our national heroes. maybe someday when my feet crosses India, pay homage with this icon ;)))

    1. Yes Jherson our numerous train rides across India were one of my most memorable experiences here. When you go here do not forget to try their train rides! :-)

  2. Hintayin mo ako, mag break ka muna sa India series. Hahaha! :D

    1. haha! Lol! oo dahil wala pang mga new posts, break muna. hehehe

    2. wag ka paawat pao. hayaan mo si marx. haha

    3. hahaha! Oo nga Bliss. Pag sinipag, blog lang ng blog! hehehe. Kunwari pa yang si Marx, pero tapos na rin yan am sure...hehehe

  3. Sisipagin na ako kasi di na mabagal ang gagamtin ko sa pag-blog. :)

  4. Hi, Paula. Just can't resist commenting on the beautiful pictures you got there. They're really stunning and I would sure indulge in photographing her different facets or angles as you said.

    Oh...I wish I could get there some day.

    1. Hello Sony. Yeah I just posed a few shots here but upfront it was really amazing! Ang ganda! :-D Thank you!

  5. I am really envious of your India trip with Marx! Hehe halos complete na pala series :D Love the photos :D

    1. Hi Mica thanks for dropping by! Hope to meet you on the road soon. Thank you! Don't be envious na ha! :-)

  6. Ang gaganda ng mga buildings nila super!

    1. hello prince oo totoo yan ganda ng mga buildings nila :-)

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