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How to Apply for an Indian Tourist Visa

Applying for a tourist visa is one heck of a hurdle for tourists. But the idea of visiting an uncharted place almost makes this activity a come-on idea for travelers at heart.  

Me and Marx first attempted to file our applications last July 29.  However to our surprise, the attending clerk said that it was still too early since we are only to visit India for a couple of weeks, the embassy might decide to just give us a 1-month visa.  He even stated an example that what if they granted it on August 2, it will logically end on September 2 if we were to be give a one-month visa.  Our departure dates were not until mid-September.  

As we gathered our requirements back for safekeeping, I thought out loud and said to Marx on our way out, "Isn't that the role of our plane tickets, to determine the beginning of validity of our visas?".

Well, we were in no position to argue so we quietly acknowledged his instructions.  This is only based on our story and in no way will determine other travelers' would-be experience. On September 2, we went back and successfully filed our visa application.


1. Passport valid for a minimum of six months 

2. 2 pieces 2x2 color photograph with white background
3. Photocopy of passport bio page
4. Itinerary and copy of return ticket/s
5. Proof of financial standing/bank statement
6. If with sponsor from India, relative or family
   -Financial statement of family, friend, sponsor in India
   -Passport photocopy of sponsor
I have inquired via e-mail (sent to BLS) about what to submit as proof of financial capability and below is their response.

Fees to be paid*
Visa fee- Php 2210.00
BLS service charge- Php 148.00
SMS fee - Php 15.00
Courier/Pick-up - Php 225

Total:  Php 2598


1. Proceed to room 6f 601-A, One Corporate Plaza,  Arnaiz Avenue,  Makati City
2. Get your number from the guard on duty.  He may give only one number if 
     you are traveling in a party.
3.  Wait for your number to be called.
4.  Submit your complete requirements to the attending clerk for inspection.
5.   Settle the dues and claim your receipt.  Original receipt is needed in claiming your passport if you chose to get it yourself.


1. Visit blsindiavisa-ph.com for complete and updated details

Contact No+63 2 5555060/4789152
Telefax: +63 2 4789152
E-mail: info@blsindiavisa-ph.com

2. Arrive early at the filing center - BLS International, Indian visa application

centre.  It is located at 6f 601-A, One Corporate Plaza, Arnaiz Avenue,  Makati City.  If you are coming from the south like Muntinlupa,  Laguna etc., (just like me) you may alight at Arnaiz Avenue (what conductors refer to as Pasay Road) and just walk straight towards the building.  

Not familiar? Check Google maps as shown below.

3. Submission of requirements is from 9 AM to 12 NN. Processing time is normally a week. If approved, you can claim your passports between 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM on your assigned date.

4. Make sure to bring your complete requirements, both original and 
photocopies of each. Bring a pen, paste (just in case) and enough money to cover the expenses.  

5. There is a photocopying machine in the filing center. 

6.  You may submit your other 2x2 photo by paper-clipping it beside your pasted photograph.  Place all your requirements in an envelope or folder for a much more organized submission.

7.  Bring extra money!  Good thing friend Marx was kind enough to let me borrow a few extra hundred since I did not have enough money to pay for my application due to unexpected additional expenses, buy myself lunch and go home.  Actually, we were unaware of the additional courier/pick-up fee of Php 225.  Silly me, I only brought the exact amount.

*May change from date of posting. Please check with embassy for any change in the requirements/process

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  3. But they also give visa on arrival right?

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    2. Hello Sky. Yes they do give on selected airports. :-)

  4. But they also give visa on arrival right?

  5. I'll make sure to visit this website every time I plan to travel in order to get valuable information.

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    1. Yes Claire they do, It should show you have at least 50k php in your account.

  7. Excellent read, I just passed this into a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that. get more info

  8. Well. I'm Vietnamese. I have heard that India granted visa on arrival for Vietnam like Vietnam also granted Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. Is it true?


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