Wednesday, June 26

Wander Photo: July 2012

The Tinago Falls of Biliran isn't truly hidden anymore! Travelers and wanderers alike are sure on their way to discover her splendor.  

Read about my short visit here.

Tuesday, June 25

Quick Visit to Baker's Hill, Mitra Ranch and McCoy's

Right after our adventures at the Underground River and at the Ugong Rock Formation, we kindly asked one of tour guides to drop us of at any place where we can reach Baker's Hill easily.  We bid adieu to our new friends and at three hours before our departure timed at 8:30 that evening, we were still able to drop by at Baker's Hill, Mitra Ranch and had our tummy-filling dinner at a local pizzeria called McCoy's.

Baker's Hill

Home to one of the most delicious Hopia I have tasted

Wednesday, June 12

The Magnanimous Santa Rosa, Laguna: A Glimpse To Her Colorful Past

Sta. Rosa City of Laguna province is popular because of the famous Enchanted Kingdom and the influx of businesses from big corporations.  Her amiable location from the National Capital Region (NCR) also makes it a top choice for starting families who wish to escape the crowded and polluted life in the big metro.

It may not boast of rushing falls, cascading landscapes nor is it inhabited by wide, steaming rivers.  What Sta. Rosa City lacks in nature wonders, her cultural and historical heritage more than makes up for it.

Photo credits: Sta. Rosa City website
The old Sta. Rosa Arch or Bantayang Bato

Tuesday, June 11

My Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs

I am having trouble listing down my town 15 since there are many travel blogs worth mentioning. But without further ado, below are the top 15 blogs who made it in my list as my response to Out Of Town Blog's poll.

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Ivan About Town

The Tiger Roars

Travelers great and small would surely be awaiting the arrival of Tiger Airways Philippines come July 2013. The advent of affordable air travel in and out of the country has helped in the dramatic increase of air travelers.  Join me in my excitement! Cheers to more budget-friendly vacations. Yahoo!

Here is Tiger Airways' Press Release:

A new Tiger has arrived - and it brings with it a promise of a great adventure, memorable experiences, and the excitement of a new journey.

Saturday, June 1

Calaguas Islands, I Love You Two

It was during the hot summer month of April 2012 when I first set foot in Calaguas. For a beach babe like me, I vividly remember how its azure skies and clear waters made me fall in love with her at first sight. I did not know I was going to be able to visit her again this year.  I almost said no to my buddy who invited me but since it was a chance to meet a new set of cool friends, I agreed in the end. It was a spur of the moment decision but I did not regret it.

I do not want to expound on how slowly the shadows of Boracay are growing on its shores.  Or on how commercialism are creeping in its shadows. Or on how the loud music of the big cities find their ways in her solemn night skies. And on how irresponsible and insensitive some people are by letting sky lanterns wander into the grasslands.*