Wednesday, March 27

Going to Liw-Liwa: Sample Itinerary

Here is a sample guide for an overnight trip to this fabulous surfing site just a bus ride from Manila.  This is based on my trip with a lady friend.  We stayed at the Circle Hostel, San Felipe, Zambales site.

Monday, March 25

Sunday, March 24

Ibiza with the Kids: What to Pack?

Whether it’s one of the cheap Ibiza holidays you plump for or you decide to head to alternative shores this summer, a sojourn with the kids after a year of hard work is not only well-deserved but needed, too. Being able to say goodbye to any stress of everyday life is a welcome feeling, especially when you have sun, sea and sand to look forward to.
If you’ve already taken advantage of the all inclusive holiday deals available, or you’re considering your options before making a final decision, make sure that you are fully prepared for your stay in hotter climes, where what you need will be very different to the stuff you use back home.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, next to her sister islands Majorca and Menorca, Ibiza is an all-round island that offers something for everyone. Boasting an excellent climate, particularly during the summer months, you have to be careful about what to pack, 
particularly when it comes to your children. Here’s a rough guide to help you on your way:

·         Shorts & Tops – Fairly standard, but important nonetheless. Enough shorts and tops to last them the duration are essential and the good thing is that kid’s clothes don’t take up much space so you don’t need to worry about compromising on what you take. Light, bright or white colours that reflect the sun are better than darks, while a good selection of sleeved t shirts is ideal for covering up.
·         Swimwear – If your child is a water baby, there’ll be no stopping them when it comes to the pool. Pack a UV swimsuit for the little ones or standard trunks/cozzie for older kids. Use one of the t shirts as a cover-up to protect them from the sun. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet – it’ll soon dry again.
·         Suncream & Hat – These items are absolutely essential to keep the sun off their heads and their delicate skin protected.

Pack some goodies to keep them occupied and away you go! Cheap Ibiza holidays are waiting for your perusal – take the first step and look online, today. 

*This is a guest post

Friday, March 15

My Liw-Liwa Love Story

Waking  up at 3 AM on a Saturday is one of the most ungodly activity there is. Battling the cool morning mist, I made my way through our deserted village except for the occasional stray dog attempting to sniff my scent.  I walked briskly, gathering some inner strength in case I had to run if that dog decided I was going to be its free breakfast. There were no trikes parked at the terminal so I had to walk for about ten minutes to the main road.

My friend Chie and I boarded the first trip bound for Cubao at 4 AM.  Since it was a Saturday, passenger traffic was slow.  I think our bus grew invisible wings since we arrived not later than 5 AM at the Victory Liner terminal in Cubao.  I scanned the schedule board bound for Iba/Sta. Cruz, Zambales and it said first trip was at 6:30 AM.  We still had more than enough time to kill.  We bought our tickets at P 292 per head for San Felipe, Zambales.  After having lugaw as our first meal of the day, we boarded bus no. 43.  The bus promptly left at 6:30 AM.  Since it was our first time to go to Liw-Liwa, we kindly reminded the bus conductor a couple of times to advise us if we already reached Bobulon Elementary School which stands at the outskirts of downtown. He seemed to know where we were heading because he mentioned 'Liw-Liwa?' with a smile on his face.

4 1/2 hours later, we hired a trike (P 30 per head) to take us to the Circle Hostel.  The roads were unpaved for more than half of the way but the 10-minute ride was pretty much tolerable.  Perhaps it could get worse if it was raining.

The Circle Hostel

Friday, March 8

Focus On: Andorra

With a myriad of ski resorts to choose from, considering the minute size of this principality, Andorra skiing is some of the best around, and just a couple of hours away from the UK.

Skiers and boarders flock to this fabulous country, nestled in the Pyrenees, year after year to sample the incredible snow conditions. Perfect for families and group ski holidays, there’s plenty to do both on and off the slopes to ensure an unforgettable experience.
If you want to avoid the busy slopes of France, Andorra could be the perfect choice for you. With beautiful vistas and oodles of rustic charm, it’s ideal if you’re on a budget looking for a little slice of the European ski atmosphere.

Tingloy Island Travel Itinerary

Below is a sample itinerary with estimated expenses on how to go to Tingloy Island from Manila for an overnight stay.  Thanks to for this. Recommended for group travels.  Shared expenses were divided among 8 individuals.

Day 1




Shared Expenses

03:30 AM

Meet up at Cubao / Buendia

04:00 AM

ETD to Batangas

A. Direction from Manila to Talaga Port

(1) Ride a bus going to Batangas Pier
- Jam Liner

Php            134.00

(2) Alight at Diversion Road

(3) Ride a jeep going to Talaga, Mabini Port

Php              30.00

B. Direction from Manila to Anilao Port

(1) Ride a bus going to Batangas Pier
- Jam Liner

(2) Alight at Diversion Road

(3) Ride a jeep going to Anilao Port

*Public Boat from Anilao leaves at 10:30 AM
*Public Boat from Tingloy leaves at 9:00 AM

07:00 AM

Talaga Port - Market


Php            100.00

Breakfast / Buy stuff and food needed at the market for overnight trip

Php        2,500.00

 Php            312.50 
08:30 AM

ETD to Tingloy Island

Ride a private boat to Tingloy Island (45 minutes sailing)

Php        2,500.00

 Php            312.50 
09:30 AM

ETA at Tingloy Island

Ride a tricycle goin to Maricaban Beach

Php              30.00
10:30 AM

Maricaban Beach

Prepare lunch

12:00 PM


01:00 PM

Free Time

03:00 PM

Pack up - head to Masasa Beach

Ride a tricycle going to Masasa Beach

Php              30.00
04:00 PM

Masasa Beach

Set up Camp

Look for twigs, branches, woods needed for bon fire

Prepare Dinner

07:00 PM


08:00 PM


Friday, March 1

Tingloy Island Travel Shots

No, your eyes are not fooling you.  They are twins, yep!  These doggie siblings seems to know how to strike a pose!