Tuesday, February 12

Empty Heart Of Mine

I no longer have a heart
But here I am still breathing
I no longer have a soul
But here I am still believing

So sorry for the thoughtless acts
They weren't meant to be
I am sorry for being here
But this is the only place I can be

Tried recalling the times spent together
All I can remember are your kisses
Tried remembering our conversation
All I can recall is your embrace

I will travel again this I am sure
And I will bring with me this empty heart of mine
But I will find always time to wade in the seas
To seek an invisible moment with you
Praying you will appear before me

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival for the month of February 2013 themed 'Where Do Travelers (with broken hearts) Go' of Rain Amantiad Campanilla of Rakistang Nars

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