Monday, February 25

Tiptoeing in Tingloy Island

The first month of the year has past without me setting foot on a new travel destination.  My itinerary included home - office and vice versa.  I turned down a co-worker's invitation to visit Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna last January to save funds for my future travels.  However, my blogger buddy Marx keeps me updated on his adventures and was not hesitant (thanks Marx) in inviting me for an overnight stay to this tadpole-shaped island. I discovered it was actually very geographically desirable and budget-friendly too.  

Masasa Beach
Tingloy Island is actually a municipality in Batanggas. It used to be part of several older Batanggas municipalities including San Luis, Bauan and Mabini.  Prior to its independence on June 17, 1955, Tingloy island was under the jurisdiction of the latter.

Passenger boat going to Tingloy. This one departs from Anilao port

I actually have not heard about it until I joined this trip.  She lies in between mainland Batanggas and Mindoro Oriental. At night, you can actually see the lights from nearby Puero Galera.  The ride to Tingloy island takes about 45-minutes from Talaga or Anilao Port in Mabini.  Passenger boat fare costs at Php 70.00 per head.  Depending on the weather, boats may come from either of these ports.

Friday, February 22

Yes! There Is Still A Manila Zoo

What should have been a sponsored blogging tour turned to an impromptu trip to the zoo!  Blogger friend Cris Reyes and I decided to visit Manila Zoo after having our breakfast so as not to waste the day.  She told me that the last time she visited the zoo was when she was a very little girl. 

I think not many know that Manila Zoo is still in existence. Well, it is still thriving and the local government is making an effort to take good care of the animals residing in the sanctuary.  

Cris and me posing at the entrance gates

Friday, February 15

The Cats I Met While In SG-MLY-THAI

Of course, this travel of mine will not be complete without having a photo shoot with a cat-I-met-while-on-the road.  :-)


I did not have that lucky chance to interact with a live cat here.  But I was blessed by the heavens when I met Bo's ancestor curled quietly in a stall along Chinatown.

Tuesday, February 12

Empty Heart Of Mine

I no longer have a heart
But here I am still breathing
I no longer have a soul
But here I am still believing

So sorry for the thoughtless acts
They weren't meant to be
I am sorry for being here
But this is the only place I can be

Tried recalling the times spent together
All I can remember are your kisses
Tried remembering our conversation
All I can recall is your embrace

I will travel again this I am sure
And I will bring with me this empty heart of mine
But I will find always time to wade in the seas
To seek an invisible moment with you
Praying you will appear before me

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival for the month of February 2013 themed 'Where Do Travelers (with broken hearts) Go' of Rain Amantiad Campanilla of Rakistang Nars

Friday, February 8

Going Home

The morning of our tenth day was spent on a short walk along Khao San Road.  We were to go home later that afternoon back to the Philippines and we really could not believe the trip was actually coming to an end.

It was surreal and unreal. A bit sad but my friend Chie and I breathed a sigh of relief that we were kept safe from harm and no unwanted events (almost!) happened along the way (read the first parts of this series). 

We went for a short walk and drank in the early morning sleepiness of this world-famous street. I was glad to find Teletubby (find out on the next part of this series) lazily sunbathing on the warm cement.  

Our flight was scheduled at 4:40 PM.  We signed up for shuttle bus going to Suvarnabhumi Airport at one of the travel agencies we found along Khao San road at 130 THB per person.  Though we were able to scour others offering this at 100 THB only.  You will need to pay upfront and choose the pick-up time.  Note that they are very strict with the pick-up time since you will not be the only guests taking advantage of this service.  The van will stop at several guesthouse picking up other visitors along the way.

We arrived at the airport around 1 PM and we still have lots of time to kill before our late afternoon flight.  Armed with the few bahts we have, we waited first for the check-in counter to open so we will not worry of anything later on.  

Friday, February 1


Ayutthaya, a province about an hour north of Bangkok in Thailand deserves a whole day if not several days to explore.