Friday, January 25

Floating Market and the Almost First-time Elephant Ride

On the eighth day of our tour we were supposed to go to Ayutthaya.  However, monsoon rains started dominating the skies of Bangkok the previous day.  We prayed that the next day will be a lot nicer but still the sky was overcast and it even rained early that morning. 

We quickly changed our initial plans and had a brainstorm.  Chie and I were thinking what to do on this day. After fetching our lunch, we agreed to stay in Bangkok and talked to the taxi drivers we constantly meet and arranged for pick-up/tour to the nearest floating market.  I have not really made a research on this one so we just relied on their advise.  

Friday, January 18

Padang Besar to Bangkok, New Joe Guesthouse and Khao San Road

Our train from Kuala Lumpur arrived at mid-morning.  Our next train ride will not be until 7 PM later that night so we had a lot of time to kill.  We had our breakfast at the station's cafeteria.  We were really happy upon seeing a 'carinderia-setup' complete with a working television (I hoped they were playing Transformers). They were serving food & drinks like rice with viand, ice tea and soda. I was really fascinated at the familiarity of their language to our own.  Here are some of the words we learned while hanging out in Padang Besar.

Minuman - drinks
Makanan - food
Pay - bayar
Here - disini
Selamat Detang - welcome
Terima Kasih - thank you
Goreng - rice
Ais Teh - iced tea
Kopi - coffee
Tandas - toilet
Milk - susu

I know the last word would ring bells to our Pinoy readers. Iced milk there is  called 'Ais Susu', literally translating to Iced Milk.

Monday, January 14

Dreaming About Berlin

Having been born and raised in a country like the Philippines, I often find myself day-dreaming about going to places I have never been to. Places that are entirely different from the one I have grown accustomed to.  I can literally conquer the world with the help of Google Maps. But of course one day I hope that this would actually turn to reality.  

Growing up in a tropical country, I am often amazed as to why Westerners constantly flock to Southeast Asia.  I would also laugh at the simple thought that those who live under our powerful sun would wish for a white Christmas so they could at least experience wearing thick jackets and warmers which I am sure they find in thrift stores abound the metro.  

One of my goals is landing at least one of my itchy feet in continental Europe.   I have many European cities in mind and one of those is Berlin.  I am a novice when it comes to the German language.  But I am sure I can learn this in a heartbeat if opportunity will present itself.

Berlin Tourist Spots
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Friday, January 11

Batu Caves, Merdaka Square and the Sleepy Train Ride to Padang Besar

On this day we visited Batu Caves.  Getting here took several transfers. From Bukit Bintang monorail station, we alighted at KL Sentral station.  In our trip, the connecting railway (Monorail-Kl Sentral) was still under construction so we walked about ten minutes to reach the interior of Sentral station.  From KL Sentral, we rode the line going to Batu Caves, fare at MYR 1.  The train we rode in was long and white and cold inside.  We noticed it was fairly new and if you are travelling alone you might end up at la-la land. 

Tuesday, January 8

Off To A New Start

My constant readers may have noticed that I only got two travel entries last December 2012.  I actually had several posts readied for posting but for some reason I didn't feel like publishing them.  The Holidays arrived and I found myself hibernating in my own world.  New year was around the corner and I only get to talk to my family.  I have not even thought of going online to check my Facebook account or e-mail address for updates and messages.  Why?  I do not know either.

I had a full and blessed 2012.  Travels were abound and I have gained many friends.  The most rewarding is the exhilirating feeling I embrace after every travel.  The welcoming feeling of successfully conquering a place you have never been to, mentally ticking off one destination in my travel list.

I am not that young anymore nor am I that too old.  I still see a full life ahead of me.  With God's permission, I will still get to travel even if my hair is as white as snow.  

Thursday, January 3


The year 2012 was a very great year of travelling for me.  Aside from exploring new places in and out of the country, the most rewarding I have had the past year was the numerous friends I have met and kept along the way.

Even though my bank account turned to zero-balance at some point, I will not exchange this for the ultimate gift of friendship. As they say, the love between friends is the most enduring.  As I recall the past year, I find myself smiling at times while I stare at the various photographs I have with them.  

To my travel buddies, I miss you a lot.  I hope we will still travel again sometime in the future.  For the mean time, I will be finishing writing my tri-country series and finalize my travel bucket list for this year.

Join me as I look back at these sweet times. Let’s travel back down memory lane. I am sincerely hoping that this list will grow extensively towards the end of 2013.