Friday, December 14

My Love Affair With Melaka and Petronas Towers

If you are a constant reader of my blog, by now you know that in every place I travel to I would definitely check out old structures may it be an old house, an old church or simply just ruins.  The moment I stepped foot at the UNESCO-hailed World Heritage City of Melaka, I knew that I can grow old living in this place.

Malacca or Melaka in Malay is located in the southern part of Malaysia.  From Johor Bahru via bus, the trip would take about three hours excluding transfers.  In early times, Melaka is a fishing village inhabited by local Malays.  However,  history said that European colonizers - Portuguese ruled the area, then later on was taken over by the Dutch.  European influence is visible through out the quaint town which is evident in the  church ruins and old fortresses. 

There are many things to do while in Melaka.  One of these is riding in a traditional tuktuk or rickshaw. The tuktuk we rode in was not motorized and was beautifully adorned with artificial flowers, Hibiscus, which we call Gumamela here in the Philippines. It is the national flower of Malaysia.  

Friday, December 7

Gardens By The Bay, Little India, Chinatown and Cross-border Trip to Malaysia

We wanted to visit Gardens by the Bay at night specially on the night of our second day.  However, we were pretty tired and decided to drop by here first thing in the morning. Chie and I agreed that we will strictly follow our schedule since it is our last day here and we wanted to make the most of our stay. At promptly six am, the alarm I set using my mobile phone buzzed.  Not minding the other sleeping guests (the others were actually snoring), we started preparing for the big day ahead.

On my way to the shower room, I saw Koji charging his gadgets in the corner sofa.  We chatted a bit and he expressed his desire to tag along with us since he wanted to visit China town too.  Grateful for his company, we discussed 7 AM as our agreed departure time.

We took the Bugis-Bayfront route and arrived at the gardens before 8 am, a time when the place was almost deserted.  We could hear the birds softly singing and we quietly observed the plants lazily basking under the morning sun.