Friday, November 23

New Friends On The Road, Universal Studios And A Little Bit Of Sentosa

What I found nice in our stay in Singapore were the new friends we met during our first morning.  Guests come from different nations but the friendliest are from neighboring Malaysia and Japan.

Koji, me, Chie and Azian
Koji is also a traveler from Japan.  He arrived midnight just hours after us.  Like us, he was also bound for Malaysia after visiting Singapore but unfortunately due to personal commitments in Kuala Lumpur, we were unable to invite him to come along with us.  Nevertheless, we exchanged contact information and we kept in touch even after the trip.

Chie and I was supposed to cover at least four areas on our second day but staying up late the previous night pushed us to just visit two: Universal Studios and Sentosa.

From Bugis MRT Station we hopped off at Harbourfront Station.  Following the signs, we reached the Sentosa boardwalk.  I can see the buidlings from afar and I said to Chie, oh my, we're gonna walk a bit!  Turns out 'walkalators' were installed in the covered pathway.   We took some shots of ourselves and started our tour to Universal Studios.

photo session at Sentosa boardwalk :-)

Universal Studios is situated within Sentosa itself. A theme park within one!  The revolving planet greeted us!  It was kind of hard taking a good shot since tourists constantly walk here and there.  Not mentioning the fact that you have to wait for the word 'Universal' to appear just right before your camera so as not to have a laughing fit later on when you check your shots.  I was sure we didn't want looking at our photos with just the 'Sal' in the left or 'Un' in the right of the screen! #haha.


pathway from the park entrance
We arrived around lunch time at Universal Studios.  Guided with our map, we checked out which attractions we will visit first.  When I saw the turrets of the castle (I love castles!) I immediately asked Chie to put this on top of our list.  A 4d movie ride for about 15 minutes is shown with Shrek film cast as the starrers.  This park attraction is fun, relaxing and enjoyable for adults and more so for the young.  It reminded me of the PhilHarMagic presentation of Disneyland.

Far Far Away Castle (Shrek)

Lunch at Universal Studios.  This set meal is at 13 SGD

Universal Studios is visually pleasing.  Though the weather was hot and humid during our stay, this was compensated by the non-stop sights and sounds which awakened all our senses.  While walking, we watched the Sesame Street cast perform a song and dance number at the steps of the National Library.  A thick crowd gathered so I squeezed in until I was right at the front.  They were so adorable that I noticed some were actually dancing and singing with them.  After their theater-like presentation, we experienced more of the rides and attractions: The Mummy Returns, Universal Studios Special Effects  Presentation and our most favorite, the Transformers Ride.

Sesame Street ensemble

I know this guy's name! :-)

One of those stomach-churning rides

Transformers Ride. One of the more exhilirating 4d presentations. A must try!

A whole day spent here is worth the 74 SGD fee per person.  It was nearing six in the evening when we were having second thoughts of proceeding to other parts of Sentosa.  Our feet were already complaining for a longer rest but since the day is still young, we decided to head on to Palawan Beach to witness what the sunset there was like.


Palawan Beach
I was unable to get a better shot of Palawan Beach.  Maybe because I was already tired and was no longer in the mood for a photo session.  The above photo was taken at almost seven PM.  From Harbourfront MRT station, you may proceed to level 3 of Vivo City mall and take the monorail.  You can also reach Sentosa park through the boardwalk which is accessible through the first level.  Entrance fee is at 1 SGD per person.  Do not forget to secure the park map to guide you in your tour.

Covered pathway

This reminds me of a camera toy

After our second day, we realized that spending one day for Universal Studios and another one for Sentosa is a must. Sentosa is a big park and dividing your time with Universal Studios will hinder you from visiting the other interesting parts of Sentosa.

Day 2 Itinerary and Expenses

Free        - Breakfast at hostel
SGD 1.60 - Bugis MRT Station to Harbourfront Station

Sentosa | Universal Studios
SGD 1     - Sentosa entrance fee
SGD 74  - Universal Studios entrance fee
SGD 13   - Lunch
SGD 1.60 - Harbourfront Station to Bugis MRT Station
SGD 4.60 - Dinner

Grand Total: SGD 95.80 or Php 3,239.21

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  1. So nice you've met new friends while in Singapore. Kakainggit ang photos mo, gusto ko ng makapunta din dyan! :)

    1. Thanks Epz! Maganda sa SG dami ka pa mameet new friends :-)

  2. Thars one of the best thing in travelling... meeting new friends =)

    1. You are so right Jherson! Bonus! :-)

  3. I have actually never been to Universal Studios. Hmm...

    1. And why Johnny you have never been there!? :-P heheheh

  4. I told you! A day isn't enough! :D

    1. who told you we were gonna finish all what was in my itinerary huh! hehehe! :-) see you soon!

  5. Great way to enjoy SG. Bursting of colors is just inviting.

    1. Hello Doc Wends! Yeah, SG is a very vibrant country! :-)

  6. di yata talaga mapapagod pag sa singapore mamamasyal. first time to see Universal Studios in details.

    1. Hi dong! Have you not been to Universal Studios?


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