Monday, October 15

Me and the Now-Famous Bo

I find it a bit comical that I would share this with another 'person' through my first published article (I won a weekly travel-writing promo hosted by a local broadsheet).

Not that I am craving for fame or popularity, but sometimes it feels good that your first attempt in honing your skills was immediately recognized and appreciated. I am really glad that I am sharing this win, (too bad I won't be able to 'share' my prize of two movie tickets with him :-D) with the handsome Bo of Bohol.

This time, I did not find it hard to write a whole new article about Bo, 
that sweet cat I met in Bohol.  
I had to compose a new one since entries should be original 
and can not be posted elsewhere
It becomes the property of the publishing newspaper

This was not really planned. I wanted to be in the travel blogging world for at least a year so I could give myself ample time to improve whatever writing skills I possess.  But then, those two free movie tickets were shouting 'The Amazing Spiderman' so when I tumbled upon this local newspaper writing promo, I went ahead and gave it try. I will not lose anything if I did so I mused to myself why not. 

When I got home one night ago coming from work, a framed copy of this article greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. (Thanks mommy! <3:-D).  A proof that it is really true and real and genuine. (Hey, I think I have used this expression somewhere in my other entries! lol)

This experience is a blessing for me.  Who knows, maybe more to come.  But for the mean time I will be back to traveling and blogging as my full-time hobbies.

To view the full article online. Click here.


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    1. Hey Kulapitot...:-) haha, tagal na to June now ko lang nagawan ng entry...:-)

      Thanks! :-)

  2. You are far beyond lucky!!!


    1. :-) Thank you Lloyd for reading and visiting my site :-)

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    1. Salamat naman Mr Adventist Adventurer. Just got lucky I guess! :-P

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah ang nga sweet ni mommy :-D.... hehehe

  5. clap clap. galing naman oh. at congrats!
    sweet naman mommy. :D

    1. Thanks Whacky! Yeah...mommy was sweet :-)

  6. Awww... thanks for leading me to this humbling feature, of an awesome cat. Bo is definitely an epitome of what a Pinoy should be. :P


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