Thursday, September 27

Wander Photo: April 2012

The moment our boat docked on her shores I was instantly smitten.  I  am hoping she will stay like this for a very long time.  Relive Calaguas Island's grandeur with me. 

Calaguas Islands, I Love You. Please click here.

Saturday, September 22

The Sexy San Juanico Bridge

If I were a man and 'it' was a woman, I will definitely fall in love with her.  She exudes freshness, youth and sexiness which are only inherent in my wild imagination.  

Tuesday, September 18

Ormoc City

Top 8 places I have visited in just one afternoon in 
Ormoc City, Leyte.

1.  Lake Danao

The tranquil Lake Danao

Friday, September 14

B, I Love You

I am sure my co-travelers would ask why of all places here in the Visayas I have chosen the now-famous Boracay Island.  Since I started travelling, I have been able to conquer quite a number of provinces in this beautiful region.  Many has sucessfully bestowed their charm upon me just like the provinces of Biliran and Bohol.  However, yearly, this majestic get-away never fails to summon me back to her very core.

Wednesday, September 12

Just A Couple More Weeks!

Okay, all our transportation arrangement and accommodations have been booked.  I have ironed out our itinerary.  I have almost finished (90%) packing.  I am praying everything will go smoothly as planned and the weather will cooperate.

I am exchanging excited thoughts with my travel buddy Chie every now and then.  We are on leave from seeing each other because we will meet on the 24th to have our hair cut styled (Hey! A girl still gotta look good, we will conduct our very own photo shoot there!) and will have our last minute 'meeting' to review and make sure all parts of the trip are covered.  

Two weeks on the road with nothing as our companion but the sun, our bag packs and of course, the big world out there.

Just a couple more weeks! I have never been this excited my whole life.

Monday, September 10

Breathless in Biliran

The moment I alighted from our vehicle, I knew that I would be experiencing that very rare small-town feel in this far-away land.  True enough, Biliran took my breathe away.  Even in the provincial capitol, Naval, the town seemed sleepy in a positive way, even during the middle of the day. I absolutely loved the homey vibe.  

A hazy morning at Naval, Biliran's capital 

Thursday, September 6

Sto. Niño Shrine and Romualdez Museum

The Sto. Nino Shrine and Romualdez Museum used to be one of the rest houses of the Marcos family.  Considered to be one of the top tourist attractions in Tacloban City, the ground floor houses a chapel, with the image of the Sto. Niño at the center and surrounded by locally-themed guest rooms depicting characteristics of the different provinces/places in the country.

The second floor houses the large ballroom, dining halls and the bedrooms of each member of the former first family. The house is modest outside but is intricately designed and adorned inside.

Sto Niño Shrine and Romualdez Musuem, Real St., Tacloban City