Saturday, August 18

The Historical Wonders of Tacloban City

Coming from an hour flight from Manila via PAL to Tacloban City, I found myself meeting two virtual friends who became reality at around 11 AM on July 1, 2012.

With friends Keith of Tacloban City and Ormoc City's  Ephraim 

Sizzling Bangus with Rice only at Php 51 per order at Open Rice Restaurant, Tacloban City

After a quick breakfast at a local restaurant for Php 51 each, we wasted no time in roaming around the city amidst the looming dark sky and heavy rains.

Leyte Provincial Capitol. A storm is brewing right ahead.

Flags flying free

On the very steps of Leyte Provincial Capitol is where Pres. Sergio Osmeña
was inducted into presidency

Sto. Niño Parish Church

Church interiors


An old mirror at the People's Center and Public Library just beside the Sto, Niño Shrine and Romualdez Musuem

Curious as a cat, I slipped behind those old draperies on stage,
greeting me were the former first couple's painting on the wall

The lovely Hotel Alejandro. An ancestral home converted to a hotel.

This photo mosaic will greet you at the hotel lobby.
Looking closely, these shows various local celebrities visiting the place

The colorful hotel is located at  P. Paterno Street, Tacloban City. For hotel reservations, you can reach them
Phone Numbers: 321-7033 / 321-7509 / 321-7510 /
321-7677 / 321-7688 / 523-7873
Fax: 523-7872

The upper floors showcase photographs of Tacloban and surrounding areas during the second world war period 

My friends Keith and Ephie

This building served as temporary capitol during WWII

I just love anything antique
When we dropped by here, it was at lunch time, the staff was on break
With a little coaxing and pleading, matched with a cute, warm smile, we were allowed in early by the kind guard on duty

Window to my soul?
Memories of the past

Capping the day at a local cool cafe

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  1. Ganda naman ng Hotel Alejandro. Tuwang-tuwa ka na naman sigurado. Hehe. :)

    1. Ay oo super duper! hahahaha! OLD HOUSE EH! weeeee!

  2. wow tacloban!! I shall visit this place soon since its quite near lng ehere my lola resides (in Ormoc) :) lovely photos btw!


    1. Hey girl! :-) Ormoc ka lang pala! I visited Ormoc one afternoon in this trip....i'll post about it soon!

    2. And thanks for the compliment about the photos! :-)

  3. Very nice photos! Na-explore ko uli ang Tacloban because of you!


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