Thursday, August 30

Wander Photo: March 2012

A National Geographic-worthy photo, lol!

Every time I look at this shot I find myself laughing so hard my cheeks will hurt and a tear or two will be shed.  My visit to Baler last March 2012 is definitely memorable to me since this was my very first attempt to surf. And with God's grace, it was successful.

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Friday, August 24

Palo's Pride

I did not know that Doug was so tall. He was twice my height making him stand at more than 10 feet tall!  As our trike stopped right in front of General Douglas MacArthur Park in Palo Leyte, I see his head and that of his comrades peeking above the marker placed almost lying in front of them.  Hahaha! Of course I know he is not really a giant.

Saturday, August 18

The Historical Wonders of Tacloban City

Coming from an hour flight from Manila via PAL to Tacloban City, I found myself meeting two virtual friends who became reality at around 11 AM on July 1, 2012.

With friends Keith of Tacloban City and Ormoc City's  Ephraim 

Wednesday, August 15

Where Will I Go Given A 1000 Peso Budget

I would definitely go to the City of Seven Lakes: San Pablo City.

This has been a habit of mine over the years.  San Pablo City has its own rustic charm I possibly couldn't turn my back from!  Below I listed my guide, estimated expenses and activities I do during a day visit.  I could satisfy my love for old structures by visiting San Pablo Cathedral and the adjacent old house.  Be united with nature as I hang-out at Sampaloc Lake, with the picturesque Mt. Cristobal standing not so far.  Have a food trip from the various street foods along the lake shore.  Bust out my wallet in the numerous ukay-ukay shops downtown. And finally relax by taking a dip in the cool waters in a quiet resort tucked away in the outskirts of the city center.

(fares quoted in Peso)

8 - jeepney fare from my house to van terminal going to San Pablo City Center (10-15 mins)

80 - Van fare from Balibago Complex Sta. Rosa City (Laguna) to San Pablo town proper (1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the traffic)

FREE- Walk from town center to Sampaloc Lake 


Sunday, August 12

Tamed By You

One glance at the photo of Tinago Falls in Caibiran, Biliran Province I knew at the back of my mind that  I had to see her up close and personal.  That is why I have not wasted time in constantly reminding a very good friend of mine, Ephraim of The Adventist Adventurer, that this would be number one on my bucket list once we set foot on this serene island province north of Leyte.

Tinago Falls
Truly, seeing her roaring like that quieted the loud inner me.  Her position is kind of hidden from view and one must go down to the lake pool below to have a glimpse of her best angle. Seeing her brings up a five-second image of a beautiful woman in my mind, posing sideways for a portrait shot, with a matching colorful flower tucked in her right ear.

The hidden beauty of Tinago Falls

After minutes of capturing her in our cameras we quickly changed to our swim wear and felt her not-so-cold waters down our backs.  

I am sure if she was a human, I would have damaged her eye sight from the countless photos I have taken! 

Luckily, Ephraim's friend, Regin, owns a motorcycle and gladly toured us here without the hassle of haggling.  (We just made sure we treat him for merienda and gave a little tip and paid for gas as courtesy for bothering him that day. Thanks again Regin! It was nice meeting you!)  

Truly, Tinago Falls is like the King of the Jungle.  She can be tame, she can be wild, she can be daunting at times but her overall gloriousness definitely is a welcome respite to a tired wanderer.  She can leave you breathless, she can make your eyes blink not twice, not thrice, but a thousand times.  

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Wednesday, August 1

O Inang Pilipinas!

Nagmula sa iyo ang ang aking buhay
Nagmula sa iyo ang aking hininga
Nagmula sa iyo ang aking pag-ibig
na siyang bumubuhay sa aking mga panaginip

Pag-ibig na dalisay, ramdamin mo mula sa hangin!

Ano nga ba't kita'y minamahal?
Sinisinta, iniirog, pinagmamasdan?

Wala nang iba, tanging ikaw lamang
O pinakamamahal kong Inang Bayan

Sugat sa puso kong nakikita kang nagdurusa
Kirot sa dibdib ang marinig kang humiyaw
Sinisigaw ko sa hangin ang mga dalangin para sa iyong kalayaan

Tanging sa iyo mula ngayon hanggang bukas
Hanggang sa kabilang buhay

Mabuhay ka, O Inang Pilipinas!