Monday, July 16

Old Houses Galore: IloIlo

Iloilo City boasts not only of the famous batchoy and the tasteful chicken Inasal. The heart of the city is rich in heritage.  I have developed a deep connection to her past by visiting and appreciating her numerous old houses and buildings alike.  She deserves to be declared a heritage town in my opinion.  Numerous old structures can still be found in the downtown area similar to the old Manila.  A walking tour downtown satisfied my thirst for old, musty, gothic-like architecture. 

This beautiful old house near Jaro Church deserves my top spot!

The gates were open, seeming to invite me. I really couldn't resist taking a peek 

Intricate designs still evident in the house's towering columns

I could stare up at you all day long


And the trio comes alive!

Other old houses I ogled at. :-D

Sanson y Montinolla Antillan House 

Spear from the medieval times? 

Lopez Colonial House

More old houses! O-O

Eagle House

A live Eagle was housed in this old home but is now long gone

Locals said that the owners have already moved out 
and only caretakers reside now

We had our brunch at Roberto's serving the King and Queen of Siopaos! 

We also dropped by at the oldest cafe in town smacked right in the middle of the public market, Madge's Cafe. 

Our last meal together was celebrated at Deco's. Of course, a visit to Iloilo will not be complete without feasting on the famous Batchoy.

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  1. Great photos! love mo talaga ang mga old houses! :)

    1. Thanks Ephz..ywah addict na kung addict sa old house. :-)

  2. medyo nakakatakot ung structure hahahaha

    1. Yun nga ang gusto ko mas old mas maganda!!!! :-)

  3. ang ganda ng house anong panahon sila na build?

    1. I think the concrete one's built in the 1920s :-)...

  4. Ang kaadikan mo sa old houses! Haha Sama ka sakin sa Dgte. Marami din duuuun. Hehe Great compilation, Pondering :P

    1. :-) :-) I heard very nice nga ang Dumaguete....Hmmm..baka pag uwi ko transformed nako sa old house...heheheh

  5. Kaya ka minumulto eh. Lol. Haha. Nice compilation. Ikaw na! Sana magkaroon ka ng lumang bahay at maraming-maraming pusa.:D

    1. Hahaha! Sana nga magkaroon ako ng sarili kong lumang bahay...alam ko na! Magpapatayo ako ng bagong lumang bahay! huwaaaa! hehe!

      At may maraming maraming pusa!


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