Sunday, July 8

Iloilo Churches: The Fusion Of The Old And The New

Butchoy's wrath did not stop me and Regine from conquering nine towns that day.  I almost cancelled out the last minute because of the recent storm that passed but the Manang Bola in me prevailed and I am glad I did not.  

Our itinerary for day one. Miag Ao - Guimbal - Tigbauan - Oton - Villa Arevalo - Molo - Mandurriao - Jaro - IloIlo City. 

From my hotel (Century 21), we hopped onto a Jeepney going to the market. 

1.  Miag-Ao

Miag Ao Church, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

From Market (locals call it Super) to Miag-Ao.

2.  Guimbal

Guimbal Church

We thought the rain will not let up, but good thing it did

3.  Tigbauan

Looks like a scene from a thriller-suspense movie :-)

This church's beauty is best seen from a distance

4.  Oton

The shots are hazy and dark because the weather did not fully cooperate with us

5. Villa-Arevalo

One of the newer churches in Iloilo.  I am missing the antique, old-age look

Statue of Rizal erected at the park not far from the church

6.  Molo

The castle-like Molo Church's facade

NHI marker 

7. Mandurriao

I like this Church. Looks neat and clean.  This is also an old church recently repainted

8.  Jaro

Big Ben in Jaro?

Jaro Church, Iloilo

I love this shot!

9. Ilo-Ilo City


We ate a heavy breakfast that was why we did not go hungry during lunch time.  A bibingka snack in the middle will do. P20 for 5 small pieces. Trust me, they are delicious! We bought ours outside Molo Cathedral. The best bibingka I have tasted I tell you! Later on, we walked from Jaro to downtown Iloilo and paid a short visit to the museum.

Open during office hours

Regine and me

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  1. Napaka-passionate mo talaga pagdating sa mga churches, kaibigan. Ang dami mo na sigurong naipagdasal na wish, diba pag 1st time mo daw sa isang simbahan pwedeng mag-wish. Ayiiiii. ^_^

    1. Yihee thank you Criz...addict lang ako sa mga old structures talaga eh...:-)

    2. hahaha! Oo baka kung may Noah's Ark now puro Cat species lang papasukin ko hahahah!

  2. Replies
    1. You will...sama ako pag punta mo ha..I will visit the missed-out Church in San Joaquin!

  3. ako din ;pasama :)


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