Saturday, June 30


You have captured my heart as sweet as love at first sight.

Your imposing stance dwarfed my tiny, admiring heart.

When I touch your walls, I can feel your strength.  

I tried jumping to catch a glimpse of your inner world but you are simply too great for me.

I wanted to look into your soulful eyes but they were gazing up to the heavens.

Reading your mind is almost impossible.  A place where I can see a wired, encompassing world.  

Your doors are inviting and strong.  They serve as your guardians and the windows to your soul.

I have been blessed to be even just standing right next to you. 

You are a national treasure.


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  1. gusto ko yung 2/5 :) nicely done btw :D

    1. Thanks DaiDai! hahaha! next week I'll post the 2/5 :-D.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello James naku hindi na kami nakapunta. Sayang nga gang Miag Ao lang. Next time I will :-)

  3. very nice church... favorite ko yan... sayang di na kayu tumuloy ng San Joaquin.. 15 minutes away na alng yun from there... :)

    1. Oo nga eh! di ko naresearch yung towns before going there eh.. Next time! :-) Ganda nga ng church! Sarap akapin! :-)

  4. I want to write a poem just like what you did here! amazing!

    1. It's a beautiful church. Thank you again Ephraim :-)


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