Wednesday, June 20

Bohol's Old Magnificent Churches

My tour in Bohol will not be complete without documenting at least one old church.  I was happy to visit four of Bohol’s magnificent old churches plus a bonus side trip to an old house.  When I go back here I think church-hopping will definitely be on the list since almost every town has one. :-)

1. Cortez Church

Perched on top of a hill, Cortez Church is also known as Sto. Niño Parish as the Church is dedicated to the revered Sto. Niño. 

2. Sta. Monica Church
Albuquerque, Bohol

Among the four churches I was able to visit, this one is my most favorite. Standing proud in a town named after a Mexican City,  its setting somehow reminded me of romantic movies set in a European country.  Agreeing with my observation, an engagement session (pre-wedding photoshoot) was taking place during my visit, adding a more romantic feel to the subdued afternoon.

Belfry up close
It is good to see that the church surroundings is well-maintained
Old convent
A stone-arched bridge connects the convent and the church
This beautiful church was established in 1886 after the town became independent from nearby town of Baclayon.  

3. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Baclayon, Bohol

Baclayon Church is one of the more beautiful Churches of Bohol.  Right next to the church is the old convent, housing the church museum.  One must see its museum as religious relics and artifacts preserved here are really impressive.  As a sign in the museum entrance says a visit to Baclayon Church is not complete without visiting the museum.  Too bad taking photos and videos inside is prohibited. 

NHI marker visible on the front wall of the church

This beautiful church is actually made up of coral stones taken from the sea, cut into squares and cemented using egg whites of a approximately a million eggs. 

4. Loboc Church
Loboc, Bohol

Loboc Church's facade
Constructed in 1602, Loboc Church is the second oldest in Bohol.  Quaint and rustic as it is erected beside the Loboc River.  Its bell tower is standing about 100 meters from the church itself.  

Attached to the church's main bulding is the church museum housing religious statues and artifacts
Loboc church almost became a victim of murderous planning.  A bridge was designed to be built directly passing through the church.  Good thing that this did not push through. If it was, hundred years of remarkable history will be destroyed and no other means of rebuilding will be able to take it back from its original glory. It has been said that the planners/engineers of this building project were put in jail. The grounds underneath the unfinished bridge was then turned into a park.  

5.  Old house past Baclayon Church

Me so happy upon finally seeing an old house

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  1. We always pass by Cortez Church (which was the location of Cesar Montano's Panaghoy sa Suba) but never really got the chance to photograph it. Maybe someday when I return there for some work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's a simple but beautiful church Ding! :-)

  2. recently lang na feature ang old churches ng bohol sa living asia,meron pa palang ibang lumang simbahan na maganda aside sa baclayon and loboc church

    1. Almost every town naman dun may old church! Ang ganda di ko na nadaanan yung iba. :-)

      Enjoy church-hopping!


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