Thursday, June 28

Wander Photo: January 2012

Wandering in the streets of Taal, Batanggas, my friend and I bumped into these two.  The male (in white coat) was overprotective of his partner and he chased me and pecked my feet non-stop until we were far, far away. 

Check out my day-adventure in this beautiful heritage town. 

Tuesday, June 26

Part 1: Pre-Trip Planning - What To Do In Ten Long Days

In a little over three months from now, my friend Chie and I will embark on a 10-day journey across three countries.  With only the two of us in the traveling party, the time to lay out all the plans starts now.

Our initial planning happened yesterday, covering the following points:

1.  Countries to visit.
2.  Time spent in each realm.
3.  Budget.
4.  Possible accommodations.
5.  Target date for booking return flight.

Last year, me and my friends visited Hong Kong (most of them were first-time travelers abroad) and I had  tasked myself to be in-charge of everything (reservations, itinerary-planning etc,) it was fun but it was not really easy.  Hong Kong is a virtual maze and I wanted our trip to go as smoothly as possible due to time constraints.  That was why after finishing all my tasks in the office, I would launch a new browser and open many, many tabs (the more the better!) and start my trip over the wired world.

Now, hopefully, after my last local air travel this weekend, I will be having more time to help my friend planning this long-dreamed of escapade.

Other parts in this series:
Part 2

Wednesday, June 20

Bohol's Old Magnificent Churches

My tour in Bohol will not be complete without documenting at least one old church.  I was happy to visit four of Bohol’s magnificent old churches plus a bonus side trip to an old house.  When I go back here I think church-hopping will definitely be on the list since almost every town has one. :-)

1. Cortez Church

Perched on top of a hill, Cortez Church is also known as Sto. Niño Parish as the Church is dedicated to the revered Sto. Niño. 

Chocolate Hills and the Very Best of Bohol

I was curious if I will still be able to see with my own eyes the yummy Chocolate Hills I remember only seeing in tattered post cards way back in my elementary years.  This natural wonder is sometimes perceived as man-made by foreign tourists.  Well, we can not blame them as I am wondering too how exactly did Mother Nature shape them into curvaceous, chocolatey hills?

Twin hills up close

I Fund My Wanderlust by I, I, I

Travelling sure needs money, moolah, bucks or whatever they call it. Serious travelling really requires budgeting. You can not travel for FREE that's for sure. (Hey, you still need to buy food to eat and things for personal use right!).  So how do I fund my recent wallet-busting hobby? Here's how.

1. I Work Well.

Having a day job surely helps in funding this crazy hobby of mine.  In the office, I sure take time to focus on my work (Really, this gets harder and harder everytime I am fresh from a trip! lol) and diligently finish them efficiently. Small things are rewarded in many ways possible. For a job well done, I often times receive a P 1000 SM GC which is definitely a big help in buying personal items for my future travels e.g shampoo, soap, etc. One time I received a GC worth P 3,300! Just in time when I needed to buy a new pair of rubber shoes! :-)

Saturday, June 16

Meet Bo, the Handsome Tom

My Bohol trip was nearing its end and I was getting a bit sad since I have still yet to meet a ‘Boholano cat’. A new recruit I would love to invite to be a member of my ‘Mga Pusang Gala Club. I was looking forward to meeting one so I dragged my feet and started searching for one.  I thought all the cats rendered overtime work since no trace of them were visible!  I started mimicking a female demure cat by constantly ‘meowing’ when I was walking. 

Then out of the corner of my eye, a little friend peeped between the bushes.  He was looking for a spot to do his business but at the same time vigilant of his surroundings.  Excited upon finally seeing one, I quietly approached him and let him be familiarized with me.  He responded with a soft purr and with a sweet meow.

Friday, June 15

Paodaolei's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

With a number of travels sandwiched in between work weeks, I am having a hard time updating my site.  But then, after being included in the list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 by two of my fellow PTBs, I decided to take a short break from work and quickly composed my own.  Since I love traveling, I have included travel blogs in my list.

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 Writing Project is on its 6th year and aims to highlight the impact “new” blogs have towards its readers this year. The blogs to be considered here are those that have started last June 1, 2011 until today. The blogs now are gradually gaining a huge amount of readership, following, influence, and “fascinates” the reader in so many ways. The bloggers behind every blog established it for various reasons such as though expression, sharing of knowledge and insight, building a movement, events reporting or coverage and some for profit.

And they are:

The blogger behind this site is no other than the unassuming Ephraim Arriesgado.  He calls himself the Adventist Adventurer as he says we need to Travel With A Mission.  He is the first that came to my mind since we started blogging at the same time, both of us being featured in a We Are Sole Sisters post back in December. Ephie showcases his passion for travel through simple wordings but with magnificently-captured photos.  I am seeing this guy getting pretty popular in the future.

Saturday, June 9


We enjoyed our last day in Bicol by learning to wake-board in the tourist-magnet CamSur Water Sports Complex or more popularly known as CWC.  This is located in the Provincial Capitol Complex at Brgy. Cadlan, Pili, Camaranes Sur.

Fees we paid: 

P165.00 hourly rate
P 500.00 refundable deposit for equipment rental (helmet and vest)
***Free use of swimming pools, just don't lose your wrist-pass. The grounds also have free wi-fi access.

You can check the CWC website for further details. Click here.

Wednesday, June 6

I Saw The Butanding!

Had my photo shoot while waiting for my friends to wake up
You can check out this resort's Facebook account here
The moment we have all been waiting for! After a night of endless singing, eating and chatting, we started our search for the world-famous, largest fish there is! The Whale Shark or locally known as Butanding.  My friends woke up a bit late so Heiz and I bummed around and had our breakfast in one of the huts in the resort grounds.  Heiz had a feast while I did a short photoshoot along the shoreline.

Donsol is a sleepy little town in the rustic Sorsogon province. Its raw, countryside feel made me wonder what their lives will be without the discovery of this gentle giant.  As we waited for our boat and watched the orientation video at the tourism office, I silently prayed that we will see one that day. Just a few seconds of her swimming lazily in the warm waters of Donsol turned us all to human mega phones. We were literally screaming our lungs out as pure amazement dawned before our eyes.

Saturday, June 2

A Love Letter To You

Ever since I have learned to logically think I have been yours.  You were the one who taught me my very first ABCs, how to write my name legibly in cursive form. It is in your schools where I met my first friends. 

My heart beats for you.  I yearn for your fresh air, the touch of your soft breeze upon my cheeks.  I crave for your sweet fruits every summer.

Now that I am grown-up, I have started exploring your wonders.  You guide me to be a good and sensible citizen.  You make me realize that every creation can not and will never live independently without each other.

Friday, June 1

Simply Nature

In our travels, we often disregard the small things that matter.  When I look at Mother Nature's children, I am simply at awe. The world is truly magnificent. We cannot live without each other, great things or small.