Tuesday, May 29

The Calmness Of Firefly Watching

A boat ride in the early evening after a long, humid day is a cool way to start the night.  This is the first time I have heard of Firefly-watching and I got really excited once we have embarked from the shore.

The clouds were thinking twice of spilling her tears that night.  But then I gave a thankful breathe when they decided to hold off their crying sessions and slowly let the distant, twinkling stars appear in the midnight blue sky.

Wednesday, May 23

The Astounding Mayon and the Intricate Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

After an almost 12-hour butt-numbing bus ride to Legazpi, Albay from Manila, I felt the warm sun rays touching my skin, being occasionally filtered by the bus curtain.  I glanced at my mobile phone to check the time and was surprised it was only 5:30 AM.  Journeying Pinay is still sound asleep beside me. Envying her almost catatonic state, I tried stealing another hour or so of rest but failed to do so.  The impending meet-up with this magnificent creation is dawning on me. And after just a few more stops, she finally peeked beneath the morning clouds, as if saying, ‘Here I am!’

Friday, May 18

Mga Pusang Gala: New Members Of The Club

Meet the newest members of Mga Pusang Gala Club (Stray Cats Club) lounging around in Marxtermind's home in Pili, CamSur.

Tiger in the Woods?

Wednesday, May 16

La Laguna Festival 2012

Last April 29, I had the privilege of dropping by on the last day of the annual La Laguna Festival, formerly called Anilag Festival, which was held in the provincial capitol grounds of Sta. Cruz, Laguna.  This yearly celebration aims to unite the 26 towns and four cities of the province.

Saturday, May 12

Here It Is!

Here it is. A few hours before we embark on our bus en route to Bicol Region once again :-), I am contemplating what is in store for me in the next few days. I am about to meet new friends once more. Surely my little world is now expanding as I am beginning to conquer the Philippines.  

I am about to see the majestic Mayon Volcano! The last time I saw this perfect volcano was when I was in a bookstore, standing on my toes trying to tackle that post card with her photo (back in my school days, so long ago, lol). 

Oh well, even though I tried to pack 'light' this time, it just wouldn't do! I have to bring extra pieces of clothing (it might rain), I have to bring extra footwear (I am coming from work and will go straight back to the office next week you see!), I am bringing my snorkeling gears and my fins and my goggles to hopefully swim with the jolly butanding! ^_^ (I surely hope he/she/they will appear). 

But despite the quite heavy load, I am certain I will have a blast.  Life has never been this fulfilling.

Thank you Lord.


Thursday, May 10

Waves. Wisdom. Waterfalls

Waves.  The last day of our very own so-called Lakbay-CamNorte (hailed from the epic Lakbay Norte J) consisted of surfing in Bagasbas Beach, a visit to the first Rizal Monument in the country in downtown Daet and a get-away to Malatap Falls in the nearby town of Labo.

Tuesday, May 1

An Afternoon In Daet

After spending almost two days at the captivating Calaguas Islands, regretfully, it was time to head back.  We dragged our heavy bags and iron feet towards our boat and took one last group shot together.  Our itinerary the following day would include my second attempt in surfing, visiting the first monument in memory of Dr. Jose Rizal and checking-out a nearby waterfalls.