Sunday, February 19

Up, Up and No way!

We did not get the chance to see colorful hot air balloons when we visited the first day of the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga.  Coming from a grueling 6-hr trip froom Bolinao to Clark (Yes, that long!) we arrived (finally) at the site a little past 5 PM.  We dropped by at this annual event on the first day of its 4-day affair last Feb. 9.

Sunday, February 12


It could have been days, months or even years that I have been longing to actually see one.  I am only able to visualize a towering, blinking one when I get to see movies set in the sea. But then when we were actually brought there by Kuya Rowell, our trike tour guide, lo and behold, I was instantly smitten!

Saturday, February 4

I Like Lukban

Fresh from the cold waters of Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna, I dragged Chie to the nearby town of Lukban, Quezon.  From Majayjay terminal, we took the jeep with the signage Lukban, fare is at P 21.  The ride was about 15-20 minutes with nothing much to see but farms from all sides and the occasional farmer tugging on his tired-looking Carabao.

Friday, February 3


Just read today an article posted on Yahoo News about the Tawi-Tawi kidnappings.  For nearly three decades of my life, I have grown accustomed to news about the beautiful but perpetually troubled parts of the south.  From wide readings, I can truly and honestly say that Mindanao is one unspoiled beauty our country has.  Too sad that this is being overshadowed by sad news like these. Mindanao has great potential.  I am sincerely hoping that someday, in my late life, I will get to bask under its splendor without the constant fear of being in danger. This seems as to most an impossible task but I am sure that ths time will come. Cross fingers! :-)