Saturday, January 28

Total Darkness In Majayjay

It was not really far from our hometown Sta. Rosa. But if you want to experience a butt-numbing, arduous and time-consuming route to Majayjay Falls, take the Calamba-Sta. Cruz route via public transportation. Our total travel time was five hours (not including preparation time).  We could have easily taken the San Pablo-Liliw route since we are very much familiar with this place.  But then, our curiosity was in full swing so we wandered the other way. 

Saturday, January 21

That Rustic Little Town Down South

Waking up on a Tuesday morning with nothing planned to do for the rest of day could be a bummer for someone who yearns to being on the road.  A prior plan was not pursued due to conflicting schedules of participating parties.

I texted my buddy Chie (though I’m hoping and praying that day when I wake up she will be the first one to text, and her message will read, 'Pau, let’s go to Batanes.') and asked if we will go to anywhere-but-here. Sharing the same bored feeling, I suggested to have a day-tour in Taal.  We had a quick agreement and finalized our plan.

Monday, January 9

New Slogan Goes Viral :-)

Hi guys, just sharing an article I have found on  It is a great feeling that the new campaign is receiving such a swift and positive feedback.  It really is indeed More Fun here! Have you created your very own More Fun:-) photo? I just did mine! The font officially used is not available in my system so I utilized the closest one I could find.

From 'prison break' to 'historic ruins', below are some More Fun logos I have found over the net. 

From street fights to kisses: 'More fun' photos go viral

Posted at 01/09/2012 3:26 PM | Updated as of 01/09/2012 3:28 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Some may have accused the government of copying a tourism campaign yet again, but there is no denying that "It's more fun in the Philippines" has made a positive impact as netizens continue to create their own versions of the country's newest slogan. Several photos featuring things that are "more fun in the Philippines" have been making the rounds on the Internet, prompting others to come up with ideas of their own. An image of spider fighting, a popular pastime in the country, read" "Street Fights. More Fun in the Philippines." A photo of Ifugaos riding wooden scooters in Mountain province, on the other hand, had the text: "High rollers. More fun in the Philippines."  "Kisses. More Fun in the Philippines" featured the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, while "Prison Break. More fun in the Philippines" showed a photo of the famous Cebu dancing inmates. Other images poked fun at the country's culture -- a photo of Filipino bread pan de sal had the text: "Bread. More PAN in the Philippines." This as Filipinos tend to pronounce "f" as "p," "v" as "b," and "th" as either "d" or "t."
With more and more people crafting their own posters illustrating what is "more fun in the Philippines," the DOT may have an easier time spreading the word about the country. The DOT launched "It's more fun in the Philippines" in the international market and the shorter "#1 for fun Philippines" in the domestic market on Friday, months after the agency faced criticism over its failed "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" campaign.
Hours after the launch, some netizens attacked the DOT for allegedly plagiarizing


Saturday, January 7

Little Liliw

I quickly fell in-love with the sleepy, quaint little town of Liliw, Laguna when I first visited here with my relatives for a sandals/slippers/shoe-shopping spree about a dozen years ago.  I actually did not know much about it besides the fact that it is where my Aunt Ellen loves to go shopping for cheap but classy footwear.

A certified antique-homes lover, I am in awe the moment our wheels turned right on Gat Tayaw street.  Lining both sides are several Bahay -Na-Bato I absolutely love. :-D

Friday, January 6

DOT's New Tourism Slogan

The Department of Tourism has unveiled their new slogan for the year of the dragon.  The new campaign aims at attracting more foreign tourists in visiting our beautiful country.  And hopefully more local tourists too! Should we not be the first one to explore our very own home?

I absolutely love the colors they used! It is vibrant, eye-catching and loud!  The very characteristics of the Filipino people.

Their website does not have much anything say yet about their campaign so I am assuming this will have constant updates as the new year progresses.

Check their site:

Mabuhay Pilipinas! :-)

Camping Must-Haves

Being one with the outdoors is one of the greatest dreams I am aiming at accomplishing come this 2012. And so last December, my friend Ate Chie and I went for a quick party for two at Market! Market! and had our very own exchange gift.  :-)

Walking and talking is surely tiresome.  So we went ahead and splurged on a little and had some delicious pastries at the side whilst planning what to do the coming year.  After this, Chie brought me to R.O.X. which stands for Recreational Outdoor Exchange.  She was window-shopping for a gift she'd like to give to a friend but it ended up me doing the shopping (Chie, kainis ka bakit mo ako dinala doon!)!

I bought something for myself and I fell in love with their 'paper bag' because stamped on it is a list I was just about to start writing. Haha! Thanks R.O.X., you're my life-saver.

I could have just taken a photo of it but I'm sorry because I cut it out and pasted on my bedroom wall...hehehe!

For those who deeply love the outdoors, hope this will be a big help!. List courtesy of R.O.X. store.

10 Outdoor Essentials:

FIRST AID - Always be prepared for injuries.  Carry a well-stocked first-aid kit.   Check contents before every trip.

HYDRATION - Keep yourself hydrated.  You can only survive 2-3 days without water.

FIRE - Magnesium and flint fire starters are excellent tools for igniting twigs and leaves even when wet.

WHISTLE - A high-pitched whistle is effective for signaling help and keeping your group together.

EMERGENCY SHELTER - Make sure you bring enough equipment to protect you from the harsh environment.

CLOTHING - Bring different types of clothing for layering and insulation.

NAVIGATION - Knowing your position in the wilderness is important.  Always carry a compass and a topographic map to reach your destination.

FLASHLIGHT - A dependable flashlight will come in handy when you least expect it.  Use the LED types for they are more economical and they last longer.  Always load your flashlight with fresh batteries.

FOOD - Food ration bars provide plenty of calories for energy, help prevent hypothermia and fatigue.

POCKET KNIFE - A good, handy knife is the most important tool in the outdoors.

Photo Credits: Google