Monday, August 22

A Purply Stay at the Purple Tree Bed & Breakfast

It was another beautiful weekend to just spend at home. So I dragged my friend once more to a quiet bed & breakfast I found out at the heart of ParaƱaque City.

After the receptionist greeted us warmly, we were quickly given our room key card. For a small hotel, having your own is tantamount to their concern regarding privacy, safety and security. This place is perfect for those seeking solitude without the need to go out of the city. And at a much affordable rate at that.
Panoramic view of hotel grounds

It was Sunday and I was expecting the place to be crowded but it was not. I found the Purple Tree Bed & Breakfast homey at once upon entering its premises. The courtyard was charming at a quick glance. Paintings hung along the corridors leading to the rooms. It was a lovely touch to a rather quiet passageway.

I expected our room to be on the smaller side. But it was still large enough for us to move around comfortably. We were assigned to stay in a Superior Room fit for two individuals with a nice view of the pool outside.

After stuffing our things inside the cabinet, I roamed around to get a better feel of the place. From the name itself, I got loads of the color purple within the hotel premises. From a purple sofa to purple courtyard chairs, to purple seat covers and other things in different shades of lavender. Even the staff were wearing purple shirts. But the hotel was named after the purple fruit-bearing (duhat) tree standing tall in the middle of the lot, just by the pool. 

After grabbing a quick lunch at a nearby eatery, my friend and I rested for a while. I was tempted to crawl under the sheets for our bed was big and the air-conditioning was spewing out the coolest air! I remember wrapping myself with the orange blanket that night.

This set meal only costs Php 55 :D

There were other guests but no one paid attention to swimming that afternoon. So a happy, purple-tailed mermaid emerged from the pool every now and then, tail splashing back and forth. It was drizzling at times but the sun shone for most of the afternoon. We even got to swim while it was raining! 

This conveniently-located bed and breakfast is very easy to find. Dayrit's Restaurant (since 1974) is a local landmark and is open to hotel and walk-in guests alike. President's Avenue, where Purple Tree Bed & Breakfast is located, also reminds me of Maginhawa in Quezon City where food joints line up both sides of the street. A popular mall is just a five-minute jaunt from the hotel

Our favorite place to dine was this cheap carinderia near the main highway. A meat/rice viand costs only Php 45. I bet it would be cheaper if I chose a vegetable ulam.

Our Room

I was able to see all the different room types offered by the hotel sans the penthouse as there were guests staying in. All rooms are cozy but I can say that the room (Superior Room with Pool View) we were given was the nicest and had the best view.

The room comes with the usual complimentary stuff like towel and toiletries. The cabinets have hangers and a separate metal wall mount hanger for our wet clothes which was strategically located near the door. Amen to that! The air-con is in very good condition too. However, I noticed that room slippers were not included. I found out later on that this can be bought from the hotel sari-sari store at a minimum price. It would be nicer if they would include it in the room rate. If only I had known, I should have brought my own bedroom slippers. Complimentary bottled waters are also amiss. But maybe this is because of the room's very affordable prices and the nice room that the hotel already offers. 

Superior Room with Pool View

We woke up to a rainy morning the next day. We had a slow start and did not have breakfast till 9 AM. Instead of serving buffet breakfast, the hotel serves continental breakfast instead which you can select upon check-in. They will give you a form to fill out. 

I liked the fact that you will be given the option of having breakfast either in the courtyard or in your room and at your most convenient time between about 6:30 AM/7 AM to 10 AM. We chose to eat at the covered gazebo since it was drizzling and a hot breakfast seemed a much better idea.

We chose Mushroom Omelette with Bread, Hot Chocolate and Iced Tea

Hotel Grounds
The courtyard is loveliest when viewed coming from the entrance and while going up the ramp or stairs. The small pool is located at the left side while the shaded eating area is at the adjacent covered space. At the back of the restaurant is another entrance leading up to the rooms where a small pond is located. The pond, with live fish, was a nice garden accent, giving the concrete surroundings a warm and rustic feel. 
The Purple Tree guarding the hotel lot
Hotel grounds at night

Aside from the pool, courtyard and restaurant, the hotel lives up to the bed & breakfast theme as you will not find a business center or a gym. But the staff are more than helpful for any concern you might have. There were a few times during our stay that we needed a some things and we got it by just a phone call away.

The hotel staff were also keen at times when they placed a towel on the poolside chair while I was swimming without me even asking for it. That was a thoughtful gesture which guests like me appreciate very much.

Other Accommodations
With the assistance of one of the friendly hotel employees named Mai, we were given a quick tour around and took photos of the other room types offered. 

The other Superior Room with Pool View

All in all, we had more than a pleasant vacation at this hotel. A stay at Purple Tree Bed & Breakfast is a steal as you will get more from what you will pay for. It is clean, modern, comfortable and has charming rooms at a great location.
The Purple Tree Bed & Breakfast
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35 President's Ave. BF Homes, 
ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. +632 9450420 

Thursday, August 18

Your Christmas Bucket List Can Come True with ShopBack

In my younger years, I have always taken an interest for girly stuff like dresses, bags and shoes. But since I started traveling, I have taken the road less traveled and traversed the more adventurous path. With traveling comes the need and want to journey with ease. And soon enough I was looking for travel stuff that would help me move with comfort while on the road.

Now Christmas is just a few months away. I have started writing down my wishlist that I am hoping to get this coming holiday season. It is really fun to start window shopping as early as now but I can only do so on my free days. I checked these stuff online and ShopBack has helped me trim down my list. 

Since joining ShopBack's Win A Wish Blogging Contest, I fervently pray that I win even just one of the items I listed below.

1. Backpack

My current backpack is already four years old. And since I have traveled far and wide, it now looked more than its age. Thus me, wanting a new one. Something cool yet feminine. Just like the red Climbing Traveling Shoulder Bag Rucksack I found on Lazada.

2. Hiking Shoes

Travel footwear is definitely one of the most used in a wanderer's life. Mine already developed an ugly hole right by the top. And I am thinking of changing it with Lazada's JustCreat Women's Hiking Shoes.

3. Mirrorless Camera

One of my joys as a traveler is being able to capture magnificent photos which I can look back to whenever I miss visiting a place. I am currently lugging a heavy DSLR camera and I am wanting to purchase a much lighter one like Lazada's Fujifilm X-A2 16.3 MP. Compact but still takes great still shots!

4. Daybag

I prefer carrying smaller bags for shorter travels. I do not have one yet and I am wanting Lazada's Multifunction Casual Bag Backpack. It is rustic and manly. Perfect for the outdoorsy me! 

5. A Gorgeous Beach Dress

Now of course I am still a girl and when in the beach I make sure I look like one. A flowing, colorful dress I found in Zalora, the La Playa Chiffon Long Dress, definitely fits the bill. 

There are more but these five are the ones hogging the top of my list for ShopBack's Win A Wish Blogging Contest. If you are not familiar with ShopBack yet, you may read more about ShopBack here.

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ShopBack has also been featured in PhilStar, GMA Online, SunStar and others.

Wednesday, August 17

Shop at Shopback Philippines and Get Your Money Back!

Living in the big city is already synonymous to hours-long traffic jam.  Commuting to a nearby shopping area could literally take forever.  Well, this does not sit well to those who do not have the luxury of time. I would rather spend time reading books at home or blogging the night away instead of wasting time on the road wondering if you can beat the 10 PM mall hours. It would be a total shame if your favorite boutique is on sale too.

But thanks to technology and imaginative minds, shopping has never been easier nowadays.  As a traveler, I have a constant need for the latest travel gadgets and gizmos. And shopping online is a heaven-sent alternative for me. But thanks to ShopBack Philippines, I am able to hone my online shopping skills.  This positive experience could be yours too.

Cashback. What is it?
It literally means you will be getting your cash back. Isn’t that cool?  Shopping then you get a part of your expenditures back? ShopBack shares the profits it earns with you from their partner merchants.  Once you’re done shopping, you can get a refund soon after.

Why Buy at Shopback?
While there are many online stores that cater our different needs, ShopBack Philippines is an all-in-one online store where you can tick off things in your shopping list like in or in Lazada (4% cashback and exclusive voucher codes coming soon).  I even initially thought that I can only buy dresses or gadgets or similar items but to my surprise, I can also reserve my favorite hotels through search engine sites like Agoda or Expedia or choose a specific hotel chain like IHG or Fairmont and book airline tickets through this website among others.

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback! Cashback is really just "getting cash back" - When you spend online through ShopBack, we give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!

How do I get refunded?
It’s pretty simple. Just sign-up (it’s free!) and create an account. Shop online while you’re logged-in. At ShopBack Philippines, you will be earning through the cashback program.  The percentage of the refund will depend on the partner merchant.  Look out for pop-out windows for instructions when you can expect your funds.

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